Wednesday, 2 July 2014

And so it begins - ExTex 3. Nine weekends from June to March - Whoo hoo!

 A section of the the Journeys from the Thursday/Friday group.

 Well we have begun - and there are TWO courses running this year. One on Thursday and Friday and one on Saturday and Sunday. Experimental Textiles was originally taught as a four year course that I had to stop teaching after twelve years as it got - just tooo much!!! So I wrote the book of the course.

After having sworn I would NEVER teach a long course again, I found I missed supporting students through a long course with an exhibition at the end.
So . . as a happy medium - I now teach a nine weekend version of the course from June to March. This shorter version teaches VERY basic techniques and skills that we all need - but rarely spend the time on - unless we are 'encouraged' to!

 Kate, Caroline and Marilyn  . . . . .

  . .  and Suzie and Jane from the Thursday/Friday group.
Alison, Mary and Val . . . 

  . . and Melissa, Tricia and Rachael from the Saturday/Sunday group.
They are all painting their 'Journeys'.

 The first weekend is dedicated to working up original designs that will be made into printing blocks on the second weekend. Using three different design exercises, we take sections and develop six designs. Two of which will be chosen for the printing blocks. When working on design it is usual to work in black and white as colour is very distracting.
 The Thursday/Friday 'Journeys' hung side by side . . .
  . .and the Saturday/Sunday 'Journeys' side by side.
 A section of the Saturday/Sunday 'Journeys'.
  When hung together the 'Journeys' look as though they are the same piece of work as they are all black and white.

  These are the two other exercises - 'expanded' and 'flipped out'. I use the same exercises every time I teach this course. We always get fabulous results. These are from the Thursday/Friday group.
 Here are the expanded exercises from the Saturday/Sunday group. For some reason I forgot to take a photo of their 'flipped out' exercises.
 The groups were then asked to take six sections, two from each exercise.

 The designs were then transferred into the students' sketchbooks and painted in two colours per design.
 There was also time to try 'flipping and mirroring'. The students chose one design and flipped and mirrored their design with carbon paper. These will be painted up for homework.


Both groups produced a great amount of splendid work that will be used throughout the course.

I had a wonderful four days meeting and getting to know my new 'babies' and of course is was great to be back at The Old Needle Works to see all the team - especially my matey Brenda Killigrew.


I am home for two whole weeks - there is plenty do. LOADS of admin, and the garden has gone berserk!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the sun.


Hello Jill - 25 sleeps to go.
Hello Diana - have been thinking about you - if not actualy ringing you!!!
Hello Tod - lovely girl.

 . . and you young man - stop distracting me while I try to write this post!!!! 

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