Tuesday, 2 July 2013

ExTex 2 - the second weekend - at The Old Needle Works

Val's flipped and mirrored design painted in one colour.

The second weekend of Experimental Textiles saw the group working in colour.
The plan was to make printing blocks from foam core board and self adhesive foam using the designs created on the first weekend. 

First of all we had a look at the home work - I had asked the group to take a design and flip and mirrored it to show several repeats to create even more designs.

Kat's  . .
Mary's  . . .

Barbara's . .

  Rachel's . .

and more for Barbara . . .

 . . . . and the course work/sketch books are beginning.

These work books will be a wonderful resource for years to come.

Once we had looked at and discussed the home work we got on with making the printing blocks. . . .




Then the group got on with the printing -  we tried out the blocks on A1 cartridge paper first to get used to how much paint to use on the block, how the repeats worked . . .

Once the paint was dry we colour washed the papers with procion colour wash. Various papers were used to print onto - old maps, directories, foreign language newspapers, old envelopes . . . .




  Then the group went onto to print onto different types of fabrics.


The group worked hard all weekend but we still managed to have great fun. 
I particularly enjoy these first sessions as none of these designs existed before the students started the course - they have created their own original designs and this is what makes your work different to everyone elses.
You will see many of these samples cropping up in various pieces of work as the group work through the course, culminating in their end of year show at the NEC in March - no pressure there then!!!!

The next session at the end of this month will be Colour - painting colour wheels and tints tones and shades - something we should all do at least once a year - but never do . . . 

Spaces on courses -

A beautiful Tyvek corsage created on a recent course with the Southdown Quilters.
I am teaching a 2 day weekend workshop at Foredown Tower on the 13th & 14th July - Tinkering with Tyvek. The course is running but there are still 3 places left if any of you wish to join the party. Go to www.kimsworkshops.com and use the booking form - if it doesn't work - just email me!!!! 
£95 for the 2 days plus materials list.


Newspaper faux chenille.

I am teaching a 3 day workshop again at Foredown Tower (I do so love it there) - A New Starting Point - this is my newspaper based workshop and we will be making newspaper faux chenille and jewellery blanks. For some reason this is being slow to fill - I can only think it is because it is in August - Tuesday 20th -  Thursday 22nd. Enrolment is through Portslade Adult Learning - 01273 422632 course number LL01- £135.


I am home this week trying to catch up with the ever growing piles of paperwork and emails before I go off to teach at Denman College next week - and Shock - Horror, I have this weekend off. So it's Sunday lunch here for the family. There is just one problem with that - I need to muck out the house before anyone can get in the door - so cleaning will ensue ooohhh, on Saturday - in a mad panic!!!!

I hope you are all having a good week so far . . .  x

x x x

Jill. Jill - a mere 20 sleeps to go - 
And Yes! Miss - I sent off the required info!!! 


  1. Some stunning designs here, I want to play... Well done you for the info, I look forward to hearing back. 20 sleeps, need to start a bit of packing as weekends are busy. 60 year 12's doing a Best of British Bake Off tomorrow, wish me luck! xx

    1. Oh my goodness - just the 60 children!!!!
      Good Luck my lovely girl . . . x x x