Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hot Textiles Taster Day - Denman College

 Painted Bondaweb decorated with gilding flake, dried rose petals and dot jewels.

 We had a fast moving workshop on the Hot Textiles taster day at Denman College. The main workshop is next month.

We worked through painting, decorating and foiling Bondaweb and zapping Vilene Spunbond and cutting it with a soldering iron. We also worked with Tyvek and Hot Spots!
 The Textile Studio at Denman is light and airy and very well equipped.
 Three of the group machine stitching the Vilene Spunbond layers together - ready to zap!
 Painted Bondaweb decorated with dried rose petals, transfer foil and 'blingy bitz'.
 Unpainted Bondaweb cut to shape and decorated with gold transfer foil.

 Six different coloured layers of CS500 Vilene Spunbond, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun.
 Green, yellow and orange CS500 Vilene Spunbond machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun.

  . . . and again . . .

We then ironed unpainted Bondaweb onto the back of a piece of CS500 Vilene Spunbond and cut shapes from it to iron onto another piece of 
CS500 Vilene Spunbond or other backing fabric.


 Then it was on with the Tyvek. The group experimented with distressing single sheets of Tyvek and then layered Tyvek with polyester organza and machine stitched it together, ready to zap it with a heat gun.


And last but not least - we played with Hot Spots! . . . well it would be rude not to!

 Hot Spots! cut to shape, ironed onto black light eight sew-in interfacing and decorated with transfer foils, glitter and gilding flake. . . .

 The group were great fun and got on well together. They produced a splendid amount of samples and went home very happy. I will back at Denman on the 10th - 12th July.


I am now in preparation for my trip to the West Country - 6 days teaching - we are going to have some serious fun! I drive down on Sunday - please keep the roads clear . . .


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