Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gorgeous new 'Blingy Bitz' from Craftynotions.

That's enough about the weather. I know it is blowing a hooley out there but at some stage we all need a bit of colour and sparkle.

I have been bullying poor David at Craftynotions.com to come up with a name for the gorgeous little colourful squares I have been playing with on my latest workshops; occasionally allowing my students to use them, but only if they are VERY good. Think of a square sequin without a hole in and you will know what I mean. I took these images with my phone and they aren't the best.

'Blingy Bitz' will be available from the end of next month in eight to ten colours yet to be decided. I couldn't wait until then to tell you about them.
They put a fabulous sparkle onto your work. I iron them onto painted Bondaweb. Yep! I appreciate that will come as a great surprise.

Not only but also - (Yes! I have had a glass of wine). There will also be the new 'Blingy Glitz' - big glitter in the same colours. I say 'big' glitter as some of you will be used to using 'micro' glitter. This glitter is soft and very shiny, not to be confused with the horrible gravel like stuff you get in the one pound shop and supermarkets.

 Blingy Glitz!

 Something you can buy now from Craftynotions.com is the new 'Pirate Treasure' Gilding Flake. It is a new colourway and seems to have every colour you could ever want in there - and Yes! I iron this onto painted Bondaweb too!

Pirate Treasure Gilding flake.

I love playing with new products and as you know I love anything sparkly. Check out www.craftynotions.com next month and see if the new 'Blingy' range is available.
Art Van Go www.artvango.co.uk already sell the gilding flake, dot jewels and mica flakes, I'm sure I can persuade them to carry some of the 'Blingy' range. Art Van Go will be at all the big shows this year - so as well as all their arty stuff - check out their sparkly stuff too. . . .


I'm off to have all my foiled interfacing samples engraved on a laser cutter tomorrow - I am SO excited. I will let you know how I get on.


This time next week Jill - Ha Ha - be VERY afraid!!


  1. I like all the bling, great colours. Maybe you should be afraid... you don't really know what you are coming to!!