Saturday, 18 August 2012

More prettys at Bobby Brittnell's Studio part 1

One of the smaller prettys using black colourwashed newspaper. This makes a great contrast for all the colours.

This will be a two part post as this group produced some fabulous work right from the start. We ended up with seven students in the group which was great for me. Smaller groups means I can concentrate on each student - poor things!!! You will be getting used to seeing a lot of newspaper based work on this blog - and I'm afraid this will continue for a while as I have two more newspaper workshops coming up, one at Foredown Tower in Brighton which still has 2 places and the following week at Art Van Go which is full. If two of you wanted to join us on Monday at Foredown Tower - you can turn up on Monday and pay then - £120 for 3 days. Just email me so I know who is coming.
  Three of the first samples before they were stitched.

 Starting to print a larger sample be being stitched.

 Starting to stitch  . . .

 Out of seven students three were new to 'stitch' as opposed to 'embroidery' and one had never stitched before by hand or machine. It is always good having students who are new to stitch on a course - I can bring them over to The Dark Side!!!!

This is lovely Lucy who produced a fabulous array of samples. She is stitching strips of colourwashed newspaper that have been bonded together with painted Bondaweb - but not on a background. I'm kicking myself for not taking separate photos of them.

I will post more tomorrow . . . 


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