Dogs, lights in the sky . . and slowing down

An amazing sunrise yesterday

Some days just start really well.  We have been enjoying torrential rain, hail and strong winds over the past day or so here on the west coast of Ireland. It was so good to wake up to the most magnificent sunrise. Because the land is reasonably flat on three sides of my house, the colourful light wraps around us. It's like light bathing. It was wonderful to see the colour reflected in the bay. The really deep light only lasted for about three minutes, you have to be quick, then it starts to fade. As we move into the shorter days, it is a great chance to enjoy the sunsets at a more 'civilised' time!


The wonderful light surrounds the house and reflects in the windows. 


Time for my bus pass . .

I am coming up to a biggish birthday - I am going to become a pensioner next month! I have started to think about just how much teaching I would like to do going forward. It would be good to slow down a bit and concentrate on my own work. There are many things I want to try, as well as experiment more with plastics.  What I am really looking forward to is not having to turn on the desktop every day.


An experiment with deconstructed fishing rope

The current Experimental Textiles course runs until the end of June 2023.  So that would make a good marker for slowing down. I am currently recording all of my workshops. It is taking longer than I thought, you can't rush it! I am hoping the first part of the new video library will be ready to launch in December, the second part in February 2023. Time will tell. 

I will still do the odd Zoom lecture and may offer one or two live Zoom workshops a year. I have no doubt I will still want to do some teaching, I will miss your lovely faces. . .


Stunning sunsets aside, it has been very wet of late, I have to pick my times to take Pops and Fizz out. We tend to go for a walk in the morning and then have a good game of chase in the afternoon.


Letting off steam in the field. Pops has to catch Fizz, she has to be top dog!!!


That's it for now, I am in the middle of finishing off the videos for ExTex this month. It is great fun teaching students all over the world. We have our first Zoom group chat tomorrow night, let's hope I've got all the time zones correct!!




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