You can be in two different places at one time.!

A rather splendid sample of textured Tyvek.

Happy Easter!! It's a wild and wet here in Ireland. A good day to catch up with my newsletter and this blog. I hope you are all enjoying a day with family or friends and eating way too much chocolate . . 

My recent online Zoom workshop Tinkering with Tyvek yielded some fabulous work. I do have wonderful students. Just look at this Tyvek dress made by Arley Berryhill.

Small scale Tyvek dress by Arley Berryhill

Arley is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has worked with me on a few workshops. He is a fantastic doll maker and costume designer and maker. Do look at his website -

It is not often I see anything resembling gold work on my workshops!! Arley created this great sample by stitching Tyvek to gold lamé and then texturing it with a heat gun.

Beautiful faux gold work, just fabulous   

I love the way Arley has added beads to accentuate the edge of the Tyvek shapes.

This workshop was quite international with Anne Warburton joining us from Canada. Anne is a fibreartist and loves experimenting. It was great to have her on the workshop. This is Anne's website -


A fabulous bowl made by forming synthetic fabric stitched to Tyvek in a bowl shape


Another fab Tyvek and fabric bowl by Anne Warburton

Aren't they gorgeous?


You can be in two (or more) different places at one time.

If you are reading this post across the sea in America - or Canada and your timeline is in the PDT time zone, this new form of workshop may interest you. I am teaching A New Starting Point over 2 evenings from 6 - 9pm BST. This will be 10am - 1pm on the PDT time zone. There will also be a 2 hour Show & Tell 2 weeks later. Because we are working over 2 days/evenings, I would expect the group to be able to create quite a lot of work - no pressure!! The dates for this workshop are - Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th April. On the hand - if you live in Europe or the UK and fancy doing an evening class - this will be for you.

A sample from A New Starting Point

Here is a link to the workshop if you fancy a closer look -

Keep well and creative.




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