Mmmmm!! February - Making plans for Fantastic Plastic!

Beautiful, bright plastic screw tops

How do YOU feel about plastic? Is it a necessary evil? Useful but overused?

Do you ever consider that plastic isn't the problem? Maybe it's our attitude to plastic, and how we use it that is the problem . . .

I first started working with plastic in 1975 as part of my degree course - Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastic at the University of Brighton. (it seems like a lifetime ago now) I eventually specialised in ceramics and silver, but my interest in plastic was piqued.

I have experimented with different ways of working with plastic on and off since 1975. Since moving to the coast of western Ireland and living on the edge of a peninsula, surrounded by the sea and beaches, I have become increasingly aware of the plastic washing up on local beaches.

Whales shapes made into a necklace. Made from melted hard plastic that has been cut up in a granulator. 

If you follow me on social media you will probably be aware of my delight in being given 10 huge bags of plastic screw bottle tops a month ago. I and my friends have been collecting them for a while, but this gift has really jump started my collection. It makes a lot more experimentation possible - right now. I am slowly working through washing and sorting them into colours.

10 bags of plastic screw tops. Just look at all that colour, now I just need wash and sort them . .

I have been experimenting with melting and shaping the screw tops into bowls.

I have always experimented with deconstructing rope, hemp or plastic. Now I have a supply of fishing waste that is washed up on the local beaches. I have a good selection to play with now.

A selection of hemp and plastic rope from a local beach clean 

A 'nest' created from deconstructed plastic rope

Another supply of colourful plastic comes from local farms. All bags of food and of fertiliser come wrapped in large sheets of plastic. I have several local farmers saving me the plastic.

Just look at the colours of the farm plastic - aren't they fabulous?

Experimental plastic vessels from my previous exhibition.

The farm plastic is softer that the screw tops, so easier to melt and shape. I will be making vessels for my next exhibition in June. Hopefully around 4 - 5 ft high.

You might interested to look at this video showing my recent experiments with plastic.
I will be back next week with news of my live Zoom workshops.

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