A new online workshop - Creating Original Designs which includes The Journey.

 A section across 3 Journey exercises.

It's been a while . . Life can sometimes come along and swoop you away!

The studio at home in Ireland is almost finished and will be ready to teach in when my courses start. 

 The back wall of the studio
Left hand side . . 

View from the door - as you can see, plenty of room for 
tables and chairs for teaching my workshops.

There has been a slight delay in opening the studio as we had a big storm here last night and I now have a hole in the roof!! That should be sorted this week.

I am very excited to have somewhere to create larger work. I have 2 local exhibitions coming up and would like to make something new and exciting.


A new online workshop. 

My design exercise The Journey has been the most popular workshop I have taught and it is now available online. I have been asked so often to offer it online for those of you who cant get to a workshop with me. It was part of a longer course that I am now breaking up into modules. I have been listening to you.
So - if you fancy taking a journey of inspiration with me - now is the time. All my online workshops will be available to view for as long as I am trading. The workshops are hosted on Ruzuku and can be viewed at any time. Ruzuku is a secure website that keep all the money transfer safe and protects my videos. 
Once you enrol you will create a password and you will be off and running.  

    The course includes 12 videos around 10 - 15 minutes long.

You can work by yourself - or upload images of your work and chat to other students on the course. Please note this is not a competition to see who paints best. It really doesn't matter what your work looks like - you will be taking sections of it.  This is covered on the videos. Don't worry about being able to 'paint' - I can't either, as you will see!

Welcome and Introduction
  • Welcome to the course
  • Materials list – Creating Original Designs
  • Materials list – From Design to Print
Creating Original Designs
  1. The Journey
  2. The Journey – from start to finish
  3. Design exercise – Expanding
  4. Design exercise – Flipping out
  5. Isolating designs
  6. Transferring designs
From Design to Print
  1. Making printing blocks
  2. Printing your designs
  3. Over printing – using your second block
  4. Roller printing and using a dye colour wash
  5. Extension activities – using your baby wipes and your string blocks and prints . . .
  6. Using print in your work
This is the link you need to enrol.

Here are a few images of The Journey.

On Jersey at The Harbour Gallery.
What is everyone taking photos of?

Their Journeys all lined up . . 

I think this was in Wooler in the UK?

Don't these look fab . . ?

I think this was Wooler too, they all worked so hard.

This was in India.

The designs for these printing blocks were made in Australia a few years ago.

 . . and these.
Once you have made your printing blocks from your designs, you will enjoy printing on any kind of fabric and paper. Old books are a favourite.


Then the printed papers can be used to create more surfaces to print onto.

The orange design was created by doing the Journey exercise.

The possibilities are endless when you create your own designs. Is it time you created something different?
Here is the link -
I also have a new look website while I am giving you links.
 x x x


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