A new look website and the Jaipur Journey.

Look at these lovely faces. 
Little did we we know when we all met at the airport what an amazing time we would all have together.

The Jaipur Journey, 8th - 18th January in Jaipur with Colouricious Holidays.
I am going to have to write several posts in order to cover the range of activities and just great fun we had on this trip. The group got on so well together and firm friendships were made - almost from the start.

These are just a small - very small selection of images to give you a flavour of what is to come over the next week or so. I have been working with Jayne on my new look website all day so will have more time over the coming days to write some serious blog posts about my trip to Jaipur.

 The most remarkable yellow.

Stacks of embroidered shoes.

One of the gardens we visited for inspiration. Just fabulous.

This is one of my favourite images from the trip.
3 of the group having a rest out of the sun.

We visited the monkey temple and witnessed the cleansing ceremony.
You have never heard such shrieks of laughter as from the girls pouring water over each other. It was a joy, and a privilege, to watch.

The group at Amer Fort Palace.

The places we visited were carefully chosen by Colouricious and myself. All were sources of particular inspiration to help the group with ideas for design and shapes when they painted their Journeys, my design exercise for helping to create original designs. It is important to be able to generate your own ideas and designs. This design exercise is simple to do and creates great results - as you will see.

Part of the group painting their Jouneys.
They all looked fantastic when hung next to each other on the wall.
The Journey exercises - not the students.

The final workshop day. We had a classroom set up in the hotel gardens.
Here are the group looking at the all the work that had been created since we had arrived in Jaipur.

We stayed in the Alsisar Havelli. A beautiful heritage hotel. It is so highly decorated with stunning arches everywhere. We didn't really need to leave the hotel for more inspiration, but of course we did.

There was hand painted design on nearly every surface.

Even the desserts helped us with finding design.
Just look at the repeated shapes and spaces in between

A shot of part of the hotel at night.

I had hoped to have posted about the Jaipur trip last week but I managed to catch an nasty flu virus on the plane . . I am only just feeling as though I have an energy. So I have all the joy, colour and remembered excitement of our wonderful trip to come. Watch this space!


My dear friend Jayne who makes my videos and runs my website is here updating www.kimthittichai.com.
I am so pleased with it - I have a new look. It has all my information in one place. All my online workshops and courses and my teaching in Ireland. Have a look and see what you think.

The new look website marks the push to get the new studio finished in time for the start of the tourist season. A new look and a new studio. Whooo hoo!!! 

See you in a few days . . .

x x x


  1. Great new blog Kim. Sorry to hear the bug got to you. Hope you are well again now


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