Education is a wonderful thing.

This is 'Robbie the Skelly'.

I have just finished a 12 week course - Reading You Local Landscape. What a fabulous time we all had.
The joint initiative of Clare County Council, Clare Museum and the Limerick and Clare Education & Training Board (LCETB)
Heritage Consultant, Zena Hoctor delivered the practical course which enabled our group to identify, examine and record the heritage features of our own local area through a combination of fi­eldwork and desk research.

 Our group (on my birthday), at Kilbridget Burial Ground

 We had great fun studying the local geology, architecture, archeology, seaweed, history . . and so much more. It was a great luxury to be a student again. Our group are hoping for a follow up course and we feel we have only just begun our research. Fingers crossed. 
I shall miss the group and it would be good to be able to work together again.

 My project - A Grave Situation!

I became fascinated by the carving on grave slabs in the local burial grounds that I visited. The images can be quite varied but many follow along the same theme.
 Me wearing my 'Robbie the Skelly' T shirt, presenting my project

 Most carvings follow a symmetrical design. Very organised and clear.

 This carving was quite different to all the others I have seen so far.
Almost child like - pagan even.

 I just love the skeleton. Have a look at all those teeth!

 This is a tracing of the photograph of the carving.
 I isolated the skeleton and started to play.
Firstly I flipped and mirrored . .

 The I made a printing block from the design
The finished print is at the top of this post.

 This is our group with the tutors and representatives of the funding bodies.

We were presented with our certificates on Wednesday night at the Bellbridge Hotel in Spanish Point- if you want to see a few more images - click here.

 My T shirt was very popular, with several guests asking if I sold them! Now there's a thought. . . Grave Inspiration!!

The evening was a great success with about 50 guests arriving to hear our presentations. I didn't get back home until midnight . . it really was great fun.


I am now planning my next project - Crowdfunding, to get my studio finished.
I am creating new work to help with the donations and will be writing some new exclusive weekends and week long courses based on the use of found plastic along with a new 3D workshop - again exclusive to the crowd funding donations.
The new Magical Hares series will be available as signed limited edition prints and cards, as well as the 4 originals.

 'When Harry met Sally'.
Number 1 in the Magical Hares series.


 A great sample from A New Starting Point.

If you fancy something to do over the holiday - we have some splendid online workshops for you. The is plenty of sparkle, texture and colour on offer and if you feel you need something more - how about working for a year with me on Experimental Textiles. Have a look at all the courses we offer here.


And breathe . . still 10 days to go.

x x x


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