Making plans and coming out to play . . and WOW! 2 years on!

My field this July - with orchids, ragged robin and buttercups, later I have swathes of montbretia and purple loosestrife.

It is time for me to be looking ahead, dot the i's and cross the t's on various bookings that will take me away from home. Yes - I am venturing out into the world again in 2019. It has been a wonderful year here in Ireland, a lot less traveling and a chance to settle. I had time to notice which flowers bloomed when, find more fascinating local places to visit . . and make plans . . .

I moved here 2 years ago today - on my 60th birthday. What an amazing 2 years it has been, I have made friends and settled down. Ireland feels like home now, it has taken this long. There is so much more to learn to learn about this beautiful place, I will be learning about it for the rest of my life.

The teaching here has gone well and bookings have started for next year. I love inviting students into my home for the Look, Draw, Print, Stitch weekend workshops. There is more information here if you fancy a trip out here next year.

If you fancy learning more about Tyvek and other heat distressables,
then Manipulating with Heat could be for you . .

The online teaching was quiet over the summer, I think it was just so hot nobody wanted to do anything. Enrolments have started to pick up in the last couple of weeks. If you fancy trying my techniques in the comfort of your own home then have a look here - There are several videos on each workshop. You get all the information you need, plus an inspiration book on selected workshops.

I have noticed something interesting over the past 6 months, it would seem most of the online students prefer to work on their own, not in a group. One or two have said they find it intimidating to see other students work. This seems to be particularly true on my one year course - Experimental Textiles Online. So I will be using this course as more of a mentoring course. 
The students will still work through all the workshops and develop workbooks, but I will work with them individually.
Generally the students that sign up for Experimental Textiles Online are at a stage in their creative life where they need encouragement to develop their own style and practice. When you are unsure of yourself, this can lead to feelings of not being good enough. 

 Some of the black and white design exercises from 
Experimental Textiles Online.

In future each student on Experimental Textiles Online will spend the year working with me with regular support by email and on Skype once every 2 weeks or so. If anyone is intersted in being mentored by me - then drop me a line and we can chat about it.

Here are a few images from when I taught ExTex (as it was fondly known) in Redditch. You can choose your final project on the online version of the course as well.

 Fabulous work by some very talented girls.

So . . .  next year - in January I will be in Jaipur, India. In April I will be in Inverness. In May I will be in Dublin. In August I will be at Festival of Quilts at the NEC, and in October I will be in New Zealand. All that alongside my teaching at home and building the new studio. It's going to be a busy year next year.
I will be working on my diary for this blog over the weekend - watch this space . . 


  1. Ooohhh!!! Ur coming to Inverness!!! When? N where will u be? Have to come meet u!! Thanks for ur inspiration xx


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