It's about time . .

 Playing with Bondaweb and stitch.
I do love seaweed.

It's been a while. I have been settling in and enjoying not traveling about too much. I have been exploring my local area, and enjoying all the colours, textures and patterns. 
It is almost 2 years since I moved to my little slice of paradise on the Loop Head peninsula. It is continuing to be a challenge to support myself out here, but plans are in place to help with that. It takes time to discover what works out here. . and what doesn't!!

 Seaweed in one of the rock pools in Ross Bay.

 Seaweed and crab shell on Glasheen beach.

I am thoroughly enjoying drawing and stitching seaweed and am now seriously into my dry stone wall series of work. 
Getting out and about in this area I keep finding new places to excite - there is an alpaca farm not far from me that spins and dyes the fleece. They are all very well looked after and are fast becoming a great attraction.

 Gorgeous alpacas.

 I am still a very keen beach cleaner on my local beaches and am continually surprised at just what is washed up. And in such large amounts. I am collecting the rubbish I find to start creating  . .  something.

 A small part of a collection of plastic from beach recently.

 Any one who has moved house will know how easy it is to misplace things. It has taken almost 2 years to find my early collection of bead bowls. I was getting quite despondent - and then - I found them, safely packed in a box . . in a bag.

One of my first bead bowls made in 1985.

I have always been interested in making textiles 3D. One of the things I do is make silk fibre bowls which are selling very well over here.  I have listed a few on my Estsy shop if you fancy having a look . . Kims Etsy Shop. 

I have been making some new bowls ready for the upcoming craft fairs.
I have added a few to my Etsy shop . . .


 My teaching -
My Look, Draw, Print, Stitch weekends have finished for this year.  To see my dates for next year - have a look here.

Tricia who came to work with me in May has now finished 3 pieces of work based on one of the designs she created on that weekend.

Aren't these fabulous?

Jaipur January.
I shall be getting about around the world in 2019. In January I shall be teaching on a holiday I am leading in Jaipur. I believe there is one place left.
In April I will be teaching in Inverness and in May I will be teaching in Dublin.  
I will be home during the summer teaching in my studio, then I will be off to teach in New Zealand in October.

My online courses are still available here -

I have been mentoring several students/artists unofficially for a while now and I think it is time to tighten things up. From now on I will teaching my online version of Experimental Textiles as a one to one mentoring course that will last a year. If anyone is interested - do please email me. 

So -  that is what has been happening . . . 
Yesterday I went out on the Dolphinwatch - a fantastic trip that involves, dolphins, wild goats, all manner of sea birds and amazing rock strata.

I managed to one image of a dolphin jumping.

If you are ever traveling in this area it always worth checking if the conditions are right for a trip on the Dolphinwatch.



  1. I've moved a lot in my life Kim and I've found the first 12 to 18 months are full of OMG times, good and bad, followed by six months of actually seeing the real possibilities and getting going. Perfectly poised now! Wishing you unexpected sackful of money or money making opportunities! Xx


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