The arrival of Poppy the puppy. . . and a catch up!

Poppy on Kilkee beach.
I have adopted a rescue dog - and am a tad behind with everything! 
Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have seen quite enough of her already. She is great fun and keeping me on my toes. She is 11 weeks old and I have had her for 6 days. We are getting used to each other . . . 

What breed is she - Yes! Good question - her mum is a Lurcher - her dad, unknown! She will be a surprise. One of the positive sides to my new friend is that I will be walking more - much more.

Poppy enjoying playing with a radish!
Right back to the blog - 
I had a stand at The Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show last month. It was a great show and I got to see a lot of you. Thank you very much for coming to say hello. Whilst I love living here in Ireland, I still do enjoy doing the the shows in the UK. It helps me keep in touch with what everyone is up to. 
The best part of the show for me was the 3 groups of ex Experimental Textiles students who exhibited their work. It is wonderful to know they are continuing to work and exhibit together.

Sheila's Journey.
  (ExTex Online)

Experimental Textiles Online started in January and things are going well. The students are working and creating some great samples. I am so encouraged by what the students are producing and how they are handling the work that I will be offering it again from September this year to finish in September 2019. 

If any of you are tempted and need any more information - please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

Just a few of Pat's printing blocks she made from her black and white design exercises.
I am very grateful to the 6 students who signed for ExTex Online, and for proving it can work online.


My online workshop Manipulating with Heat has just gone live. The workshop will be available to view until September 7th. Plenty of time to create some fab samples from Tyvek, cellophane and food packaging on what is basically a one day workshop. Last time we ran it about 15 of the 100 students worked right up until the course finished. It was fabulous.
One of Susan's Tyvek corsages .
A selection of Ann's beads. A combination of Tyvek, polyester organza and cellophane. Fab!

This is what the workshop covers . . 
Fancy having a play???


Jayne (my business partner in is flying over next week to film the last session of Experimental Textiles Online. She is a regular visitor here and is looking forward to meeting Poppy. As well as filming we will be discussing which new workshops to film. If you have any suggestions - do let me know. Jayne doesn't feature in any of the videos. She is very shy. However you will occasionally hear her voice when she corrects me or you may see her hand come round the camera to pass me something I have forgotten. We leave these bits in as I think it is good to see someone else in involved in making the videos. And it is amusing!!!

I have a Look. Draw. Stitch. weekend here at home on the weekend of April 21st and 22nd. I have 2 students booked so far. There is room for more if you want to come and see where I live and get some work done. Have a look at the link if you are interested.
 There is so much to inspire you near to where I live - and if it is pouring with rain, then there is plenty inside to inspire with my collection of natural artifacts.
The weather is a bit grey and cold at the moment - I hear it is rather warm and lovely in the UK.  Hopefully the warmer weather will be traveling this way. 
I am knuckling down to some new work in May, I have a new installation to work on. I can't wait to get started, I am at the collecting materials stage at the moment . . .

Enjoy your weekend which is fast approaching - I will be on a local beach clean up on Saturday - let's hope it is a fine day.


Hello Jill - September seems way off.
Hi Diana - hope you are both well.
Hi Tod - so glad you enjoying the images of Poppy.
 When you have one slipper on and go to put the other one on. In that time someone has whisked it away into another room. So speedy!



  1. September seems like an eternity away! Poppy will be 8 months old and you will be feeling svelte! xxx


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