What's happening Kim? Lots - that's what . . .

My house has probably only seen snow 3 or 4 times in its history. It is quite rare for it to snow on the Loop Head Peninsula.

Have you all defrosted?? Are you thawed? 
We had snow on Loop Head for the first time in 10 years or so. Most of the children living here had never seen snow before. I have never seen so many snowmen and snowball fights - great fun for a couple of days - then it is enough.

Fashion, Embroidery ad Stitch next week - March 15th - 18th
I had a chance to get on with some work while I was snowed in - I will have some of my new seaweed work on show on my stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC next week.

A few of my new pieces wrapped in plastic and ready to travel

I will be on stand L22 and there will be 3 groups of my ex ExTex students exhibiting in the same area. I will have Paint and Bond for sale again as well some of the interfacings I use, and Tyvek. I will also be running the Vlieseline workshop. Here is a link to the bookable workshops - scroll down to the ones I am running.  fashionembroidery.co.uk/book-workshops
Jayne will be there helping me as usual - I couldn't run the 2 stands without her. Jayne will also be delivering the paper rose workshop. It looks fabulous.

Jaipur Journey - January 2019
I have a few ladies coming to talk to me at the show about the holiday I am hosting to Jaipur next January - Jaipur Journey
Do come and have a chat if you are tempted and have any questions.

 The architecture and decoration is fantastic.

There is always plenty of time for shopping . . 

Reflecting . .
Having taught for as long as I have, I have met some fantastic women - yes - mostly women - I have only ever taught 7 men on my courses. This may change now I am teaching online. Many of these women have become friends and few, very good friends. You know who your are!! Some I don't see for long periods of time. 
I am now teaching small groups at home in Ireland and some of my ex students are booking onto my Look.Draw.Stitch weekends. These are students who took my original 4 year Experimental Textiles course, it must be as far back as 18 years ago . . I can't tell you how delighted how I am - we will have the best time. And get some work done of course.

Have a look at this link for more information 

The hares are coming out to play -
One of things that gives me the greatest, almost disproportionate joy, is watching the hares hopping across my yard and into my field. 

Since the thaw the sun has been quite warm and the hares have been coming out to play - I just LOVE hares.
They usually arrive as it is getting light - or getting dark. I am starting a new body of work to celebrate them.

An Irish hare. The hares are coming out to play . . .

Online workshops -
Manipulating with Heat has just gone live www.sonas-studio.com.
If you fancy playing with Tyvek, cellophane and food packaging, then is the workshop is for you. Several easy to follow videos and you can chat online to the rest of the group and upload your images. It was a great success when we ran it last year so it now out for its second outing. The workshop will be avialble to view for 6 months - until September 9th, so plenty of time to get all those exciting textured samples done.

 Textured food packaging.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what the new group of students get up to on this course - get ready to 'kiss, stoke and carress' and 
'welly, wiggle and off'!!! 


Hello Diana, thinking about you . . 
Hi Jill, see you next week, whooppee!!
Hello Tod, talk soon, its been a bit bonkers.

x x x


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