New Zealand 2017 - the final post. A New Starting Point with Taranaki Patchwork and Quilters.

 Torn music and newspaper . .

OK, enough with the relaxing and the pure enjoyment of being back home. 
I am a tad late posting this last workshop from my New Zealand trip. 

I had a fabulous time with this group - some of them were VERY naughty - you all know who you are!! This was the second of 2 x 2 day workshops in Taranaki and most of the group did both workshops.

This has become one of most popular workshops. I think it is so loved because what you are making doesn't have to look like anything. Also recycling old papers, maps and magazines is very enjoyable.
 Painting the Bondaweb/Vliesofix

 Scones and cookies are the thing in New Zealand - 
and I am NOT complaining.

Once we had painted the Bondaweb/Vliesofix we got to making the first small samples - you learn just as much from making a small sample as a larger one, and you use much less product. I have named the process 'Backgrounds and Prettys'. It is a repeated tearing process that gives very pleasing effects.

 Layering up the torn papers.

I love this process, you never quite know what you are going to get . . . 

Torn layers with gilding flake, mica flake and transfer foil.

Using a rotary cutter instead of tearing can give interesting results.

 Using torn paper to decorate a spiral bound book.

This part of A New Starting Point will be the second online workshop, launched mid June - hopefully.

 The next samples are of the paper strips ironed onto painted Decivil 1 light. A soft, leather like iron on interfacing. These were then made into slip covers for books.

 A great selection of decorated Decovil 1 light.

Next we got on with making newspaper faux chenille. Newspaper was layered alternately with polyester organza. Channels were then stitched and the top layers are then cut and distressed, making sure not to cut through the bottom layer. You don't have to use polyester organza between the newspaper, but I love the contrasts of the old, matt newspaper and colourful, shiny organza.

 A few of the fabulous faux chenille samples.

Thank you ladies for such a fabulous time. I will remember you all fondly. Thank you for the laughs - didn't we have a good time???

 The final show and tell . .


I am about to start making the new samples for my first two online workshops. Jayne is arriving next Saturday and will be staying for 10 days while we film and edit the first workshops. We also need to sort out some kind of order for the first 10 workshops. We have quite a lot of planning to do - and climb a very steep learning curve - fast!

If you would like to be the first to know about the launch of the first two workshops and receive the new Sonas Studio newsletter please email me at and ask to be included on the database.


Look girls, this hare came to say hello while I was having a picnic on the field today.
You can just about see him, in future I will take my big camera with me as well as the phone. So exciting.

Hello Jill - hopefully the hares will still about when you come back. 
Hi Diana - been thinking about you. 
Hi Tod - amazing huh!!! I saw six hares today - all bouncing about in the sun.

x x x


  1. Definitely need to see the hares, meadow is looking good xxxx


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