New Online Teaching - is (almost) up and running - just a few hours to go . .

The new Sonas Studio logo
Hoorah!!! We have finished the first Sonas Studio online workshop - Manipulating with Heat. 
Enrolment starts at midnight tonight (May 21st)

If you want to enrol on this then you need to be added to the database by 10pm (UK time) tonight. So email me Only people on the database will be able to access the new workshop for four days then it will go public, and places are limited.
Enrollment and payment are from May 22nd (for the database, then it is open to the public from May26th). 

The workshop videos go live on June 5th - this gives you two weeks to prepare and collect your tools and materials. Once you have enrolled and paid you will be able to see the welcome video explaining all you will need for the workshop.

Me on the first day of filming.

 We have had great fun and learned a lot!!! And we are now VERY tired. My colleague Jayne and I have filmed and edited the first two workshops, and will be filming the third in July, ready to go out in September.

 Every 2 day and 3 day equivalent online workshop will include a 16 page full colour book of inspiration photographs.
This one has just gone to print ready for the launch of the videos on the June 5th.

 A few of the Tyvek beads I made on the first workshop.
A section of the Tyvek box featured in the first online workshop.

This is just a short post to let you all know what is happening.

After all these years of talking about it - we have finally done it!!!


Hello Jill - will email tomorrow.
Hello Diana - am sooooo tired.
Hi Tod - did you get the emial???

x x x


  1. Yeah,it is looking so good and will be worth all the hard work! Looking forward to seeing the results xxx

  2. I said in Jersey all those years ago that I'd do one of your workshops one day. And here we go!

    1. Isn't it amazing??? Still lots to do - but we are on the road now - Yeehaa!!! Thank you so much for signing up. x

  3. I've emailed Kim to be on the database but don't know how to register for this class - where do I go to do that?

    1. Sorry - you have come up as unknown - can you email me and I will send you the newsletter.

  4. Looks so good, am glad it is all up and running now to decide what to do?!Ruth Lewis

    1. Thanks Ruth - we are so relieved everything is working so far. x

  5. your hard work has paid off and your dreams are unfolding xxx


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