Time and tide . . . 2nd November

One of several sand drawings made on the beach at Strandhill.

I am having the best time in Ireland, I have flown over early - I am due to be at The Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin next week. I was a bit worried about spending so much time on my own - 13 days - but I am doing fine. I really need the break. Time to decompress, make plans and catch up with myself.
I have been experimenting with a few products and getting down to some stitch - sheer bliss . . .

 My 'studio' in my apartment. I have a sheet on the floor to protect the carpet from all the sparkle!!
My first trip out was to Strandhill beach over on the West Coast near Sligo. I am using Carrick on Shannon as my base. I have stayed here before and love it. Strandhill is only 40 minutes away and my favourite place for breakfast is on the beach. www.shellscafe.com 

 Strandhill beach.

I have also been on a boat trip up the Shannon . . . 

 The weather has been a mix of fog, cloud and sun. It will rain at some stage . . 
So far i have been lucky.

Today I drove over to Achill Island - I had been told the beaches were beautiful. I left this morning in thick fog and by the time I reached Achill the sun started to come out. The colours were absolutely stunning. The rusty colours of the peat bogs are very beautiful.

 A view from the road to Achill, just past Newport.

 I had been told to go to Keem beach - little did I know it was over a scary hill. The road up was very steep and VERY narrow with a sheer drop to the sea close to the edge of the road. AArrghhh!!! I am scared of heights - but I was committed so I carried on - slowly. I just screamed and talked to myself to keep myself going. You know how it is, you are laughing almost hysterically, knowing you are a grown up, quite experienced driver and absolutely terrified. I got to the beach, and then saw it was a dead end, which meant I had to drive all the way back over the hill, aaahhh!!! At least the sheer drop was on the other side of the narrow road. It was also thick fog at the top of the hill which obscured my peripheral vision a bit. I was exhausted by the time I got back down the hill.

 Keem beach.

 I stopped at Keel beach on the way back - so much easier to get to - you park by the side of the road. And it was STUNNING!!!!

 The weather was cloudy with the odd shaft of sunlight. And VERY windy. So invigorating. Just what I needed after my scary drive.

 I had a play with the panoramic setting on my phone.

 I had a wonderful walk up and down the beach - it certainly blew the cobwebs away - exhilarating.

I had to keep stopping all the way back to Carrick on Shannon to take photos. The roads were very windy and it was difficult to find safe places to stop. Bu tI managed to take a few shots.

A couple of the many shots I took on the way home.

I will have some company this week, I am going stay with Nicola Brown in Clasheen, County Wexford. clasheen.com/blog
I met Nicola last month in Australia. At the Geelong Fibre Forum. We were both teaching there. It wasn't til I heard her lecture that I learned she was from, and lived, in Ireland. As we got on so well, we decided to meet up while I over here.
I am very excited about meeting Nicola again, she is a very talented felt maker and eco dyer. I will report back in the next post. I can't wait to see here studio.

Watch this space . . .

 x x x

Hello Jill and Tod and Diana!!


  1. Hi sweetness, you look as though you're having a great time - envious! xxx


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