Fibre Arts Australia - Ballarat - April 2014, part the second

 My lovely groups work on show.

Here I am again - finally!! There is little available wifi while I am traveling so this is a bit late and rather short, as I am still having problems getting photos the right size for the blog. I will get there in the end . . . . 

So - we had a wonderful week at Ballarat - lots of fun and great times with good friends. The end of week show was a roaring success showing off the stunning work all the groups had produced. This is my groups work. They didn't get a lot of chance to finish anything as it was a workshop of 2 halves - the first 3 days was spent creating original designs and printing blocks - the last 2 days was spent tearing and layering pages form old books and newspapers and painted Bondaweb to print onto with their new printing blocks.

 Here you can see the Journeys and some of the printing blocks and prints . . .

 Some of the papers and more considered pieces . . . .

and a bit more . . . . 

There are more photos over on FaceBook if you fancy taking a look at my albums -


Since leaving Ballarat I have flown to the South Island of New Zealand to meet up with friends I made 2 years ago when I was last teaching here. I have been traveling with Denise Cleghorn around the top of the South Island, dodging the storms, floods and landslips that have occurred in the aftermath of the cyclone that hit Australia. I have had to buy wellington boots and waterproof trousers - but I don't care. I am on holiday in the most beautiful part of the world.

I will be traveling to Dunedin tomorrow to take part in the Fibre Festival, then travel on to Wanaka on Sunday to teach for 5 days.  I am so very happy here. Am trying to work out how I can spend more time here.

I think I will post shorter posts, more often while I am here. I will eventually learn how to size photos on my Mac that will fit on my blog - in the mean time . . . . . It's time for a glass of wine.


Hello Jill, Diana, and of course Tod - AND R.S. (stop worrying).


  1. I'm Jill and my husband is Tod - how spooky is that? Hope to make your acquaintance better at AVG in June, Kim, otherwise I've only said hello at stitching show. But until then thanks for the mention!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are continuing to have wet weather. Of course it stopped raining as soon as we left Ballarat.
    Thanks for these posts, they remind me of a truly wonderful workshop - and how to do it, if I should I forget.


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