The Jersey Textile Showcase - March 5th - 11th Part the fourth . . .

This was Fay's sample mirror to show the students what could be achieved.

This will be a very fast post - I am getting ready to leave this evening for the NEC and Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch. I didn't want to leave with out telling you about one of Fay Maxwell's workshops at The Jersey Textiles Showcase.

It was titled 'A slip in time'.
The 3d shapes or 'slips' are worked on a cotton fabric base and embroidered with crewel wool and stranded cottons. The little flowers are wool blanket circles covered with tapestry wool and perle. No silks at all, though you could use them.
Her website is broken at the moment, she can't get into it to change her address as she has just moved, but you can email her at - If you want to know of any upcoming workshops.
All her workshops are excellent but this one caught my attention because of all the layering of techniques which can only be developed over time and years of experimenting. She is such a star!

Detail of the mirror above.

Here is a bag of 'slips', little separate 3D shapes that can be stitched on to - anything!

Aren't they lovely?

This is the corner of the mirror at the top of this post with 3 of the slips placed on.

 . . . and more . . .  Can you have too much texture???

 . .  another detail . . .

One of the students starting their long and short stitch for the slip.

These mirrors are just divine - so beautifully worked.

A few close ups so you can see the layers . . .

A happy group of ladies working hard.

Fay (left), is a fabulous, funny and very experienced tutor. Her work and ideas can be very quirky but using traditional techniques. A very clever combination.

This Fay's spectacle case that she wears around her neck - isn't it FAB.

I hope you think this was worth sharing - I just love Fay's work - and of course Fay!!! We both travel too much to see each other often. so it is a great treat when we do.


Right - that's me off and dashing about now - need to buy a new electric screwdriver, mines not charging ggrr!!! B and Q here I come.

Will post from the NEC as and when I can - if you are on Facebook I will be updating daily at 

x x x


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