A fabulous show - part the second!

 Two of Tracey's stitched colour samples.

Well the show was less busy than previous years but that is hardly surprising considering we had so much snow.  Many thanks to all of you who braved the weather, it was wonderful to see you.

It was a bit of an emotional few days with the knowledge that I wouldn't being seeing 'my girls' for while. Their course has now finished and we are recruiting for the next course which starts at the end of May. I know I will see them again, just not so regularly. I know you are not supposed to get attached to your students - but you can't help it when you have been together for just under a year.
 One of Tracey's experiments with the Classic Pelmet Vilene.

 One of Shaun's stitched print samples.

 Heidi created a brilliant wall piece to illustrate her interest in D and T. 
The piece had sections that moved and lit up. It is a very exciting piece.

Sally created so much work she could have filled the ten metre stand by her self. It was difficult to choose what to hang.

 One of Sally's transfer print samples decorated with simple stitch.
 The girls dismantling their exhibition.

 It is amazing how fast an exhibition comes down compared to how long it takes to put up. All the agonising over the 'colour run' and spaces in between. The girls created a huge amount of work. I could only choose a small percentage of their work to hang. I think it gave everyone an idea of what the course was about. experimentaltextiles.com


The free workshops that I.C.H.F. shows offer are always popular. I am very grateful to all the tutors who delivered workshops for me in the Vilene Workshop. There will be something similar at Excel on the 4 -7 April - very soon - Gulp!

 Jo Leatherland and her workshop partner delivering their workshop showing visitors how to create applique shapes with Bondaweb and also how to foil it.
 Jayne Routley showed her classes how to needle felt into the Classic Pelmet Vilene to create a scene with a firm background.


There were many fabulous textile artists, exhibitions and displays at the show, far too many to show on here. It is the biggest and most exciting show of my year.

 Susan Chapman was at the show with some of her work and her final year students were exhibiting around the corner. you see what Susan is up to here - www.susanchapman.com

 The divine Dionne Swift was there with her new work and was offering small workshops on her stand as well. 

  . . and of course the best provider of all delights was there - Art Van Go.
Bobby's husband Martin is reclining on the floor . . . 

It was great to see them all. Bobby Britnell was demonstrating her stunning drawing and mark making skill on their stand. www.bobbybritnell.co.uk
Bobby runs workshops from her home in Shropshire and team teaches with Ruth Issett on their wonderful mark and colour workshops.

I will be at the Art Van Go studios in May. My two day workshop 'Interpretaion and Inspiration' is running on the 14th and 15th. I love this course, it involves basic design techniques and is great fun. It will be fabulous to spend some time with Viv and Kevin, I don't get to see them nearly enough. www.artvango.co.uk/workshops/

We are all used to seeing stunning work on the college stands but this year we also had a school from Wales exhibiting. I used to catch up with this talented pair when we did the show at Cardiff but as I.C.H.F. no longer hold a  show there we have not seen them for a while.

 The Rumney High School stand.

The work on the stand was by 15 - 16 year olds and was quite remarkable. A great testament to the hard work and dedication to these two outstanding teachers.
 One of the beautiful, textured exhibits.
 Another cacophony of deliciousness.

I do hope we see these wonderful teachers again - and yes - I forgot your names - it's the medication I'm on. Sorry girls, I should have written them down!!! It was so good to see you again.


so . . . .  it's been a busy old week. I now need to get up to date with orders for nid-noi.com and start to prepare for the new show at Excel. I love that exhibition centre, it's great being by the river.
AND - my house is a tip, Jayne and I unloaded the van into it at great speed and now I can't move for STUFF!!! - no change there then!!!

It was wonderful to see all my friends and customers . . and blog readers. Thank you all for taking the trouble to stop by for a chat. 

Hello Jill and the Welsh duo . . . . 
x x x x x


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