ExTex 5th Weekend - Constructed Textiles - 15th/16th September part 2

 A lovely little bowl that is a work in progress . . . .

 I had forgotten how much I enjoy incorporating metal into textiles - so much so I will be teaching a new four day Metal Works? workshop at The Old Needle Works next Easter. Of course it helps to have students that have enquiring minds and enjoy experimenting. We worked with metal shims, knitted copper and metal mesh, mostly copper and brass. We tried embossing and punching out shapes as well as heat distressing to change the colour. We used a heat gun for this. My heat guns are 350 watt and are hot enough to colour copper. Anyone who has been on any of my workshops will know that I don't advocate using a naked flame. 
I have had a selection of alcohol inks in a box for a about three years waiting for 'when I have a minute'!!! This was a great chance to use them to colour the metals. I also demonstrated transferring transfer painted papers on to the metal but that really needs to be saved til our next session when we will be working with transfer paints and dyes.

 I love this little bowl made by Liz. It incorporates strips of copper that have been embossed over texture plates and heated to change the colour. Liz has also attacked the edges with a small hole punch, a laborious task - but worth it. Liz is hoping to finish the bowl for her homework.

 Three copper strips showing what Liz was working with.
 Sally experimented with working into knitted copper tube with wire and beads. It ended up being a stunning piece of work. Very medieval looking. - I want it -  but it is too small to go over my meaty hand. It will look much better on Sally's long , elegant arm.

 Claire had a go with transfer printing a paper bag onto a piece of brass shim. I wasn't going to show the girls this technique until the next session when we are working with disperse and procion dyes but Claire happened to have a bag on her table and it seemed daft not to use it . . . .

 Claire also tried working into knitted copper tube and then embellished it with beads and ribbon yarn.
 Shaun has a very thoughtful and delicate approach, she experimented with layers of mesh and cutting and embossing 'medallions'. I am looking forward to see how Shaun continues with this.

 A piece of steel shim with alcohol inks were dabbed on. You can see where Shaun cut out her 'medallions'.

 Copper mesh heat gunned to change the colour with embossed copper shapes.

 Whilst I was having a look at Tracey's work, (it can be difficult as she works in a bit of nest) I noticed this paper exercise from a while ago that she had started stitching into. I love the way she uses stitch. I am hoping Tracey will have time to add more stitch. Hint, hint!

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 It will come as no surprise that I like puddings, desserts a little sweet something . . . .  I drive up to Redditch the day before I teach ExTex and I have to eat somewhere . . .   
It has now become a tradition that Brenda (Brenda Killigrew - director of IDC at The Old Needle Works and Castnaea)
and I, head off to the local pub and have a great meal finished off with a huge chocolate sundae. It is very economical - it is cheaper than ordering two desserts - honestly. It is a concoction of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate brownie and profiteroles with chocolate sauce and squirty cream. I forgot to take a picture until we were halfway through . . . .

 See - there ARE two spoons!

Half way through - it's a tough job . . . .

I will back in Redditch quite soon as I will teaching in Solihull on the 29th and will be staying with Bren the night before - and we will have to eat SOMEWHERE . . .



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