Some good news and some sad news!

  Various weights of Vilene Spunbond zapped with a heat gun and cut with a soldering iron to create fabulous edges. Foils were added to some of the edges.

First the good news - There are five spaces on my workshop
 'Hot new jewelled surfaces for stitch'.
New, soft fairy like and jewelled surfaces can be developed by distressing Vilene Spunbond/Lutradur and layering this exciting product with embossing powders and Hot Spots! Using beautiful mica powders and high metallic paints we will create stunning layered surfaces on which to stitch – or not. 

This workshop is on Saturday 16th June at Hurley Village Hall, Hurley, Nr Maidenhead. SL6 5LT to book email Lesley at

It is unusual for one of my workshops for a Guild not to fill within the Guild - I must be losing my touch - so those of you in the Windsor and Maidenhead area who have been saying I don't do enough workshops in your area - now is your chance! I shall also be putting this information in my newsletter over the weekend. If you want to subscribe to my monthly(ish) newsletter go to and fill in your email address in the box down on the left hand side of the home page.

Now for the sad news - My lovely friends Fiona and Karen who own the mail order company Ario have decided that due to family illness they are going to have to close the business down. This information is on their News Page.

Fiona and Karen have taken the regrettable decision to close Ario from Wednesday 27th June 2012. This is due to long-standing and on-going family health issues that were making running our business extremely difficult. We  would like to thank you all for your support over the years and the pleasure we have had from meeting you all at the shows, workshops and events.
We will be having a CLOSING DOWN SALE on-line that starts at 9a.m. on the 6th June 2012 - all items will be half price or less and as the saying goes "When it's gone, it's gone!!!"
If you would like to visit our unit at Garngoch to do some SALES shopping PLEASE phone beforehand to make sure we are there, you can contact Karen on 07877709943 or Fiona on 07854539030.

All our good wishes for the future
Fiona & Karen

It is SUCH a shame - they are fabulous girls. Fiona and I met ten years ago when they first started trading and they did one of their first shows with ICHF at Excel. We got on well from the start. Where have those ten years gone . . ? I hope we will be able to keep in touch. We will all miss them at the shows and their friendly voices on the other end of the phone when you need a product but you are not quite sure which one.


The four day Jubilee weekend is drawing near - I hope the weather stays fair for you if you are involved in any street parties. Whatever you are doing - have a wonderful time.


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