Missing persons, friends and stuff!

 One of the book covers made on Laura's workshop using melted plastic bags

 I need your help - I need to contact Laura Manning whose students work I featured on the blog last year. I have very cleverly lost her email address. If you are reading this Laura could you email me or if anyone knows Laura could they pass the message on?

 I have some very special friends - I could hear the postman trying to force something through the letterbox and low and behold it was a parcel from Chris Gray of Mabon Arts https://shop.mabonarts.co.uk/ (Chris is teaching one of the free workshops at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch). I roared with laughter when I opened the parcel - I know Chris only sent me these packets as they would be good to melt, nothing to do with the contents . . . .  the card was FAB too - Than you so much Chris!
 Decovil lite dyed and then decorated with some of my newspaper samples. The whole sample was then covered with Lamifix - an iron on laminate. The matt is on the left and the gloss is on the right. The bags were cut out on my die cutting machine - you could easily use scissors though.

I have been meaning to tell you I have new 'Lite' version of the Decovil iron-on interfacing about to hit the website. It is slightly lighter in weight than the classic Pelmet/Craft Vilene we all know and love and it is fabulous for book covers and bag making.
There have been several enquiries about my fishy block that I use a lot at the moment. It is one that Jamie gave me when I was printing samples for the DVD and I just love it. It was from a special edition that Jamie's company http://www.theindianblockcompany.com had a few of - I believe there are 20 left. Jamie is is going to put them onto the main stock after Easter and more are being made, so if you want one of the 20 - enquire soon.

I have been playing with my die cutting machine and have cut up the samples I made earlier in the week. I hope to make them up into brooches and earrings over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone - x x x


  1. Love your ideas.
    You inspire me, thank you.

  2. I just love your work Kim, you are so inspiring.


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