Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch 22 -25 March NEC

Kathleen Laurel Sage's first experiment using a soldering iron with Vilene Spunbond CS500 - she has now developed a very exciting new workshop.

This time next week we will be exhausted after the 3rd day of Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC. F,E and S as it is known, is one part of a three part show. It is the more creative and mad side of the show with all the college stands, the amazing fashion shows and of course - wonderful textile artists and the best traders.
The two other parts of the show are Sewing for Pleasure which includes all the beautiful dressmaking side of textiles and then there is Hobbycrafts - all the traders you could possibly desire to supply your every need.

There are free demonstrations and workshops and lectures and some stunning displays. It is going to be an amazing show. To find out more go to -

I will be running the free workshops again on the Vilene Workshop stand no Y01. We have an exciting list of tutors for you this year.

There will be 5 free workshops in the The Vilene Workshop every day. 
Places are limited to 10 people only and tickets will be available on the day of the workshop from the tutors stand strictly on a first come first served basis - 
one ticket per person so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Freudenberg Vilene Workshops –

10.30 - Lynda Monk - Stand no H17
Metallic Effect Surfaces

‘Fabulous Surfaces’ artist Lynda Monk will show you some amazing metallic effect surfaces using Pelmet Vilene and Vilene Spunbond along with various mixed media products. Come and play with creating these surfaces which can then be enhanced at a later date with hand or machine stitching, beading and other embellishments.

11.45 - Kim Thittichai - Stand no K25
Bejewelled and Bonded Newspaper Brooches

Come and play with old newspapers, painted Bondaweb and heavy iron-on interfacing to create beautiful brooches.

13.00 - Jayne Routley - Stand no K25
Needle felted Flowers

Using the very fine CS500 and CS500 crash Vilene Spunbonds along with wool tops, you will create a simple flower that would make a fabulous addition to a garment, bag or hat!

14.15 - Chris Gray - Stand no J10
Stunning Vilene Jewellery

We'll be making jewellery pieces from painted heavy-weight iron-on interfacing and Bondaweb...with a few polymer clay additions if you'd like to include them! Materials available for pendants, earrings and brooches. All components prepared for you to put together and take away a stunning completed piece. Demos on my stand J10 too!

15.30 - Kathleen Laurel Sage - Stand no P32
Textile Art Attack

Collage paper appliqué using Vilene Spunbond CS550 in gorgeous colours using a soldering iron. Your samples could be stitch embellished if there is time.


My saviour from the Glasgow show - Wendy Dolan will also be at the show with a new range of maps - her work is so sensitive, very beautiful. She will be opposite my stand (where she can keep her beady eye on me) her stand is K19.


I am slowly recovering from the dreaded shingles, it is going to take some time but i will be O.K. to fly to Australia - Yippeeeee! I may not be QUITE firing on all cylinders, but that could be a blessing . . . . 

I am in the process of writing my keynote lecture for the Creative Fibrefestival in Blenheim, New Zealand - mine is the opening lecture - GULP!!!! I have been asked to speak about design and I have been going through all my images of students work - I have spent a lovely 2 hours just remembering all the good times, traumas and great fun we all had - particularly on my course Experimental Textiles.

I was looking at all the sketchbook images and thought I would share these 2 with you.

These 2 sketchbooks were created by 2 students at the Connaught Centre, Hove. They are sections taken from a design exercise I teach called 'The journey', it is featured in my book Experimental Textiles.

 A selection of 'journies' painted by my students at Portslade Community College.

I must say I miss teaching longer courses. I am looking forward to getting my teeth into my new Experimental Textiles course at Inkberrow Design Centre, Redditch which starts in May when I get back from the Antipodes. Here are the details -


Right! that's enough reminiscing - I must paint a load of Bondaweb and heavy pelmet Vilene plus for my workshops next week - then cut it all up and put it in 40 little bags - groan . . . .

Enjoy Mothers Day!



  1. Glad to hear that you are recovering from shingles. It is a horrific virus.
    All the classes sound wonderful. Could you tell me how long they are?

    1. Good point Pauline - they are 45 mins long.
      Just tasters! Maybe see you there . . . x

  2. You bet. I'll be first in the queue. Famous last words. There will probably be a huge hold up on the motorway now I've said that!


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