Catching up!

Fabulous shoes decorated by Helen McKenna

Well I made it back from Glasgow on Monday, I am very glad I went. Everyone was very supportive and helpful without making a fuss, particularly Wendy and Rob Dolan. It was great to be surrounded by so many friends. If I had stayed at home and had had to cope with the new round of delights from the shingles I would have been very miserable indeed!

The show was very busy and everyone I spoke to seemed to think it was the best show we have done at the SECC.

Jennie Rayment was across the way from me and kept an eye on me all four days bless her, she was very busy as she was doing a 'Quick and Easy' workshop everyday and also featured in the fashion show - what a star she is. Jenni had only just returned from teaching in Spain for Castanea where I will be in October - Oh how I wish I was there now . .

Val Hughes was also at the show show demonstrating felt making and her beautiful, ethereal dresses were also featured in the fashion show.

My lovely friend Wendy Dolan had a stand at the show and her wonderful husband Rob looked after my stand everyday when I did my lecture. He is so good and never moans. He also kept dashing out to get my medication as my symptoms kept changing.
We had a great evening out at The Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane. We saw 'The Artist' and had some fabulous food in the cafe that is part of the this wonderful old building.

Isobel Hall was also at the show demonstrating how to make her lovely bags and book covers. It was great to see her and Eric and again. I stayed with them in their home in Spain over the New Year - it was an idyllic 2 days. I was SO well looked after.

Thelma Judge was at the show. Thelma was running classes on basic dressmaking techniques and will be doing something similar at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC next week. I will be posting about that show in a few days.

It is always exciting travelling around the country and meeting new people.
I had never met Helen McKenna before and she has the most beautiful work using recycled materials. These shoes were divine . . . 

The top view of the shoes

 . . and the heels - FAB U LOUS!


I am now on the down hill run to my biggest show of the year - Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch. 
It going to be an amazing show and I will tell you more in a couple of days whan I have caught up with myself. 


My thanks to all you who have sent me messages of support and specail thanks to Jill who sent me a very 'Delicious' book to cheer me up.



  1. Looks like there were some amazing artists (including yourself - of course) at the show. Never fails to amaze me what creative talent we have in our country. Well done all, and yes, I LOVE those shoes too!

    1. It was marvelous to be surrounded by so much colour and texture - and such FAB people. It was worth the effort to get up there. x

  2. Glad you had a good time.

    Rest up now...

    ...and be ready to have an even better time next week! :-)

    1. mmmmm!!!! Just need to get used to the new heavy drugs - am in very slow motion at the momment - should be more or less up to speed for next week. So looking forward to seeing you. x x x

  3. It was my pleasure, glad to see you blogging again. Don't over do it getting ready for Birmingham. REMEMBER TO BREATH!

    1. Don't worry baby, am taking it VERY slowly . . x x x x x x

  4. What a fantastic shoes. I must also go to England to get it all in real life to see.


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