An extra workshop at Foredown Tower

Bonded and bejewelled newspaper for stitch
at Foredown Tower March 3rd

Hello again, apologies for the gap in communication. I had been struck down by a DISGUSTING cold and am just about getting back into the land of the living. I was so bad I had to cancel my workshop at Uckfield Community College last Saturday - unheard of! 
I am almost up to date with all the orders on The Hot Spots! give away was obviously a good idea. That offer has finished now so things should calm down a bit orders wise - which is a good thing as I have just a little bit of organising to do for upcoming shows and my trip to Australia and New Zealand looming up fast.

Because the funded workshop at Foredown Tower filled up within hours of my mentioning it I have added another one - there are 6 places left. This workshop won't be funded - it will cost £35 for the day and there will be a materials list. As many of you will know I rarely teach in my home town as my college closed, so this is a treat for me.

Foredown Tower is a converted Edwardian water tower on 3 levels. The  viewing gallery on the top floor (no disabled access yet) offers 360° views from the Isle of Wight to the South Downs and houses the largest camera obscura in south east England - a unique optical device that is used to observe the surrounding landscape, sun and sky. If we are lucky we might get my wonderful friend Jayne to operate if for us at lunchtime if the weather is decent. Jayne is the centre development officer and she is the ONLY reason I would add another workshop to my schedule at such a very busy time. It is an amazing place. Very peaceful. The Tower is not open to the public yet so you will be one of the few to enjoy it. If you are interested, the course code is LL98 (Bonded and bejewelled newspaper for stitch) and the number to ring is 01273 42263.


My first show of the year is at Bluewater, Kent. A new venue - all very exciting and it's NEXT WEEK!!! arrgghhh!!!! This time next week the show will be open and I will have delivered my lecture - gulp!!! I had better write it then . . . . 
Maybe see some of you there!


  1. Australia, New Zealand and ...... Blue water!!!!! How about all your fans in Somerset eh????? Been to all of these venues but you'd love what we have in the lovely county of Somerset - not to mention Dorset, maybe Devon............ well perhaps that's enough to be going on with. Hope you're feeling better soon.


    Karen x

  2. Hi Karen,
    Yep! I know how to live.
    I can only go where people book me, as far as I can remember no one has ever wanted me to teach in Somerset . . . sob! I am however just planning a 'tour' of Dorset through to Cornwall for June next year. You only have to say the word . . . . x


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