The Brighton Wheel

I have been sorting images for my January newsletter and remembered that I had a ride on the Brighton Wheel last week with my Dad and thought I would share some of the images with you. Regular readers of this blog will know I love structures with strong simple shapes and I had great fun looking and composing shots.

I took Dad out for the day while my sister looked after Mum, he wanted to go for a ride on the Brighton Wheel. It is a new feature to the seafront and right next to the Brighton Palace Pier. It was a bit of a dull day and very cold.

The poor old West Pier viewed through the spokes of the wheel

The view of the Palace Pier from the wheel

How can you forget you are scared of heights? With all the palaver of organising Dad I totally forgot I HATE heights!!! This is the woman who can't go up the steel staircase in The Palm House at Kew - how sad is that? We got into our little gondola and started to move and I remembered. OOHHH!!!! Talk about hyperventilating - I almost managed to enjoy the trip - Dad had a good laugh if nothing else . . .
After the wheel and when my legs had stopped shaking we went onto the pier. 
I haven't been on there for years, you never visit these attractions when they are in your home town do you?

what a poseur . . .

My Dad and Frankenstein outside the Ghost Hotel

There are all kinds of 'attractions' on the pier now - including a fun fair. I loved the structure of this roller coaster and the shapes that it makes.

 . . and of course there is a carousel  . . . 

We had a great time together - me and my Dad. We went out to lunch and I got him back home in time for a nap. I don't often spend time with him just us two together - it was surprisingly  - Fun!


I have a few orders to post this afternoon then that is it till I come back from Spain. Any orders received from now will be posted on the 9th January before I travel to Denman College.

I am off to pack and then re-pack - I WILL fit everything in. Brenda, her hubby and I are spending New Year with Isobel Hall and then travelling onto Granada and The Alhambra Palace. I am SO excited!!! As you will no doubt see with my next post . . . . .
Happy New Year to you all - have a wonderful time!

x x x


  1. Have a GREAT time...

    ...and please take PLENTY of piccies for me!! :-)))

    x Chris

  2. will co my angel . . . Happy New Year!!! It's going to be a busy one for both of us. x x x

  3. Great images, Kim - and what gorgeous colours and shapes they make. You've really captured the atmosphere of the old-fashioned English seaside.

    Wishing you all the best for 2012. My hubby gave me your book "Hot Textiles" for Christmas so I'm looking forward to doing some experimenting in the New Year!


  4. Thank you Shoshi, you obviously have a Fab hubby. I hope you enjoy reading Hot Textiles and find it useful. Happy New Year! x


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