What a beautiful day . . .

It is going to be a STUNNING day today! The weather is looking Fab and I have a whole day to get all my orders out then I can start to play with the samples I need to make for my new DVD with Colouricious. Oh the joy of being at home - I must make the most of it. I am hoping to do a little sketching later, it is very rare for me to take the time to sit and draw but I seem to surrounded by beautiful flowers at the moment and they are crying out to be looked at, adored and committed to paper. Sometimes photographs just won't do - you really need to LOOK at the shapes and forms . . . . 

My sister bought me this huge bunch of lilies before I left for Exeter and they are now fully out and look and smell divine, they scent the entire house ( I have a very small house). The only thing I have watch is the pollen, it can be a nightmare as it is a dye, I have tried cutting it off but you lose the lovely contrast of the dark and the light. Nature really does know best.

My lovely friend Mary Day gave me this orchid 2 years ago and it was stunning, then it died and was just leaves in a pot and I couldn't resurrect it. I then read you could try using tomato food to get them to flower - I tried it - and Lo and Behold - it flowered, and how!!!! It is remarkable, it has been flowering for the past 2 months and shows no sign of dying off just yet. I can't tell you the pleasure it gives me everyday. Exquisite shapes - just waiting for me to draw them . . . . . . 

Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing - just take a moment to appreciate something wonderful, however small or seemingly insignificant.

In other words - Wake Up and Smell the Roses!!!!



  1. What gorgeous flowers, Kim. Thanks for the timely reminder to find something to be thankful for. I've had a bad day health wise - suffering payback for the terrible crime of enjoying myself too much at the Exeter craft show lol! I have had fun today, though, watching Youtube videos and blog hopping and reveling in the creativity of others, and being inspired. So not a wasted day!

    My hubby says he will give me your book for Christmas! Once I get myself organised to order some stuff from you I'll include the book. When it comes I shall have to be Very Good and give it to him to keep for me till Christmas!

    Have a great weekend.


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