Creative Stitches - Westpoint, Exeter, 22nd - 25th September

 My stand when it was looking tidy

Creative Stitches at Westpoint was brilliant. The Thursday and Friday were like being at the NEC in Birmingham and Saturday and Sunday were just BUSY. 
I met some great people, everyone was really friendly and interested. I think everyone had a splendid show. I was in good company there.

Jill Kennedy
Mixed Media Textiles

Nina Corey
Rag Rugs

 Jan Tillett
Breautiful stitched bags

Anne Griffiths
Contemporary Textile Art

Jane E Hall
Fine Art Embroidery

Jamie Malden
Colouricious - an amazing array of wooden printing blocks

 . . . and last but most certainly not least - 

my lovely friend Brenda Killigrew of Inkberrow Dsigbn Centre
who is also the owner of Castanea Craft Courses

Craft Courses in Spain

It was a great show and wonderful to catch up with so many friends. Back to the real world now - I need to pack everything away and start to get ready for teaching next week at Bobby Britnell's studio in Shropshire.  I'm teaching brand new workshop that is newspaper based - its going to be FAB!!!

But before that I need to make all the samples for a new DVD I will be recording on the 13th October with Jamie Malden at Colouricious - I am nervous and excited at the same time . . . 

It's going to be a busy week . . . 



  1. Hi Kim, it was lovely to meet you at Exeter, and to be inspired. I've been looking at your blog and website ever since, and hoping my hubby will get me your book for Christmas!! (I shall drop some hints...) Nice to see your photos and reminisce about what a lovely day I had on Friday. Hope you've recovered OK now. I've subscribed to your blog and Youtube channel, and love your work! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Fully recovered and skipping about thank you Shoshi - I wasn't aware I had a Youtube channel. Do you mean the Colouricious/Talking Threads one? Jamie does produce some excellent videos. x


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