Off to Emsworth . . .

75gm (heavy) Tyvek ironed lightly between baking parchment

I am off to Emsworth later today to deliver a lecture this evening and two one day workshops - Tinkering with Tyvek. I had been booked for just one workshop but the waiting list was so long we had enough for another day. I am excited about spending two days playing with Tyvek. I have taught so many 'Hot Textiles' based workshop recently it will be a welcome change. 

layered decreasing shapes of 75gm Tyvek (Heavy) stitched in the middle and gentle heated

75 gm Tyvek (heavy) layered with polyester organza, machine stitched together then zapped with a heat gun to reveal different layers of colour

I will update the blog with all our exploits at the end of the week, I shall be a bit tight for time as I drive to France the day after I get back from Emsworth to see my friends Sue and John to sort out our teaching programme next year. I'm looking forward to driving down to the Charente Maritime district where they live, its a longish journey, but worth it and it will SUCH a treat not to have to hang around airports, try to cram everything into a tiny suitcase and still be charged for something as you go through the check in gate.
Yes! I could do it via email - but there is a BIG party next Sunday - it would be rude not to go . . . and when I get back - my delivery of Layered Textiles will be here - Yeeehhaaaa!!!! I can't to wait to see the book printed.

Have a good week!



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