Layered Textiles - Inspiration

 Hayley Watson

While I was writing Layered Textiles I met Hayley Watson at The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London. I had a stand at the show and Hayley walked past. I was so taken with what she was wearing and how she was wearing it, that I dashed up to her and asked If I could take a photograph of her. She was very surprised but said Yes! I explained I was working on a book and why I would like to include her in it. I had wanted to include Hayley in the 'Inspiration' chapter but this was vetoed by my editor - ggggGRRR!!! So to make up for not being able to include her in my book I said I would write about Hayley on my blog - so

one of Hayley's fashion illustrations using ink, bleach and white paint for the background, she then
  made pages of a mixture of meduims and paper and cut them up to make garment shapes

Hayley is twenty one years old and is currently studying BA (hons) Textiles for Fashion at Basingstoke College of Technology. She is inspired by punk fashion because it’s all about individuality and making a statement. Hayley doesn’t tend to follow the current fashion trends because she wants to be unique. She likes revamping all her old clothes instead of throwing them away. She cuts and hand stitches bits and pieces of old clothing to make something new and original. People can tend think that what she wears is “weird” and she feels she is judged by the way she looks. However, Hayley is the type of person that does not care about what others think and likes to wear is what she feels comfortable in and would like others to accept her style.

more ink and bleach illustrations

I was taken by this design for a shirt - the decoration is multi coloured heat transfer foil

Hayley modeling her shirt

Hayley is passionate about learning new textiles techniques so that in the future she will be able to share her sense of style with others to show that you can be fashionable without following the latest trends.


I love this panel. Each individual daisy represents a memory from Hayley's past. First of all she created the green background with batik  Then she made lots of felt and felt balls, which took ages!!!!, Hayley then cut out petal shapes from the felt and arranged them so they looked like daisies. She then used different colours of gutta to add detail to some of the daisies.

This is the link to Hayley's Facebook page


Layered Textiles will be available from 13th July 2011

I have a special air courier advance delivery coming in.
signed copies £19.99 plus £3 postage
Books ordered before mid day on the 8th of August 2011 will include a special pack of Hot Spots! and Bondaweb. 
(1 x A4 sheet of small spots, 1 x A4 medium Hot Spots! and 30cm x 45cm Bondaweb)


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