The Bourne Quilters - a lecture and 2 workshops

As most of you will have noted - I have a dreadful life travelling miles to teach and torture unsuspecting students the joys of using heat to distress all manner of wonderful materials. Monday night saw me deliver a lecture, on time I am happy to say, for the Bourne Quilters. They are a large group with a dynamic mix of ladies and are very organised. It is always intersting when visiting groups to see how they are run. I was bit concerend that my samples and talk might be a bit 'out there' for quilters - not a bit of it!!!! They were all really interested, asking lots of questions, always a good sign. 
I was put up by Lis and Steve Dawson while I teaching the workshops. I do so wish I could have stayed longer, I had such a good time with them, they are great fun - I was very well looked after.

my students having to tuck into Magnums so we could melt the wrappers, the things we do for our art!!!!!!
The following two days were spent playing with Tyvek. I haven't taught 'Tinkering with Tyvek' for a while so it made a nice change. I had been booked to teach a single workshop but so many students wanted to attend we had to put on an extra day.

We painted and distressed and shaped Tyvek and cellophane. On the first day one of my ladies nipped out at lunchtime to buy Magnums for the whole group - as I said - I have a tough job!!!!
We had great fun melting and distressing the wrappers - but first we had to eat the ice creams!

my first group of ladies discovering the joys of 'Kiss, Stroke & Caress'

some of my second group of ladies painting up the Tyvek

2 cellophane bowls

a combination of fabric weight and heavyweight Tyvek, distressed and then foiled

three layers of heavy Tyvek layered with polyester organza, stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun

a little too much 'Welly, Wiggle and Off' but it still looks good

Both groups produced some great samples, I had a good time teaching such enthusiastic students.


I am writing this post in France, I am staying with Sue Culligan and we are sorting out the programme for my workshop in France for September and October 2012. We have had several enquires already so we thought we had better get everything sorted. I will post more about this on Monday.


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