Brighton Open House - Independent Trail no 29 - Pink Birdhouse - first weekend

 Independent Open House 29  - Pink Birdhouse

29 Southdown Avenue
Brighton, BN1 6EH

The house is packed with lovely affordable things. 
Clare Rose: Beautiful and sometimes humorous textile and felt pictures 
Chrissy Smith: One-off fabric bags made from vintage and recycled materials 
Jenny Sutler: Jewellery 
Shirley Rose: Plants 
Tina Clarke-Sheward: Victorian preserves and magnificent cakes 
Colin Rose: Organic honey 
Lisa Pilling: Mosaics 
Kim Thittichai: Wonderful voluptuous cushions

Well the first day was amazingly busy and several large pieces of work were sold as well as many smaller items, what an amazing start. I think people have realised that if they collect someones work they need to arrive early. We opened at 11am and the first rather large sale was at 11.05!!!! Boy were they keen.

 The house was open and we were just about ready - Me on the left and an exhausted Clare on the right. She and Tina who makes the gorgeous cakes and chutneys had worked so hard to get the house ready - it looks absolutely fantastic.

 As soon as you walk in the door you realise this is going to be a slightly bonkers house, there is so much to see, such colour and texture and wonderfulness . . . I love peoples reactions when they walk in.

 Beautiful silver plated spoon jewellery, I have never seen jewelery sell so fast!
The front room is full of gorgeous things

 . . . beautiful bags and mosaics

including these beautiful paintings

 As well creating fabulous and humorous felt pictures Clare teaches mosaics, this a display of some of her students work

  A large range of greetings cards showing images of Clare's pictures

 pots of local honey for sale

. . . and plants

 . . . and of course CAKE.

if you need anymore information about this house or any others go to 

I'm off to West Dean College now for the Short Course tutors get together and then I'm off to France tomorrow to stay with Sue from Kangaroo. for a few days to sort out some teaching over there next year. I will update you on the weather in France in the next few days . . . .



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