What a show . . . Part 1

Well I am home now and exhausted but boy was it worth it. What an amazing show - Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch was even bigger and better than last year with some beautiful exhibitions, great textiles artists and tutors and some amazing work by college students. This will be a 2 part blog. I will cover the college work and fashion show tomorrow - this post is about friends . . .There will be plenty of other blogs giving you a detailed description of the show.

Wendy Dolan
Wendy's current work involves working with old maps, beautiful, subtle and simple stunning. 
Wendy has 2 pieces of her work in my next book.

 Wendy Dolan had stand a the show and when she wasn't teaching a workshop in the Bernina Workshop she could be seen working hard on her stand demonstrating her 'architecture' and 'landscape' packs. It is great to be seeing more of Wendy, we were at the Glasgow show together and will be at the Liverpool show in May. I can't wait to show her and her husband Rob the 'Gormleys' on Crosby beach.

Angie Hughes
 I was dead chuffed when Angie Hughes said she would be a part of the Vilene Workshop programme, I love her work, she is a FAB tutor and it is always great to catch up with her and see what she has been up to.

 Angie's stand was full of amazing colour, texture and sparkle
Just some of Angie's beautiful work using Bondaweb and foils
There is also a permanent link to Angies excellent blog on the left.

Sue Munday
Sue Munday was exhibiting her work for the first time at Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch and was also delivering workshops on the Bernina Workshop stand. Sue is a specialist in computerised machine embroidery and is slowly winning me round to it. Her stunning corset is in my next book Layered Textiles.
Flighty Corset - image Michael Wicks 

 Bobby Britnell
The great and VERY Wonderful Bobby Britnell was also exhibiting at the show along with her textile group Moor Threads. It was fantastic to be able to see Bobby every day, we rarely meet these days as we are both so busy. Bobby was teaching on The Vilene Workshop wowing her students with her printing and drawing on Bondaweb. Bobby runs superb workshops at her studio and also team teaches with Ruth Issett. If you can get onto one of their workshops it will change your work forever - they make an amazing team.

The show was a good opportunity to also catch up with all traders I deal with and work with.

The Craftynotions team - Sarah has developed the new Colourful Thoughts paints that I use now.

The Art Van Go team - Susan Chapman was demonstrating on the stand for Viv and Kevin, I had just posed the photo when Ruth and Chas Issett arrived - so good see them. I shall be teaching at Art Van Go at the end of April. It will be good to see more of them and to see how the garden has grown.

The crazy Oliver Twist team - they are bonkers and such wonderful colours!

The Ario team - I had just posed the photo with Karen and Fiona making faces at me - and some customers arrived - Huh!! I met Karen and Fiona many years ago at Excel when we were all starting out and we have been good friends ever since. I don't get to see the girls often, but it is FAB when I do.

So - that is probably enough for now - see you tomorrow, x


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