On The Surface with Txstyle 10

Friday 18th saw me driving along the A27 at an unearthly hour to deliver an 'On The Surface' workshop to the Txstyle 10 group. Txstyle 10 is a group of 10 ladies who all took their C & G qualification with Susan Chapman and have continued to meet and develop their work.

75gm Tyvek, painted, textured with heat and foiled

It made a great change for me to be teaching 'On The Surface' as opposed to 'Hot Textiles'. 'On The Surface' is a workshop based around experimenting with Tyvek and painted and decorated Bondaweb. We added Vilene Spunbond to the workshop as the group hadn't had much of a chance to play with that yet. The group spent most of the morning painting the products as it is crucial to learn to paint the products with the correct paints and with the correct thickness of paint. The students learned my 'kiss, stroke and carress' process for texturing Tyvek with heat and the 'welly, wiggle and off' process for foiling the textured Tyvek. We had a relaxed but quite fast paced day with everyone producing some fab experiments. It is very important to 'play' with materials and products before you start to create finished projects. How else will you learn what they can do? Of course, taking out time to do this can be an issue, but it is invaluable when you do. Give yourself permission to play!!!!!!

 A selection of delicious Tyvek samples


We did 'play' with painted Bondaweb and Vilene Spunbond but the Tyvek stole the day.

painted Bondaweb petal shapes on painted and zapped Vilene Spunbond CS700

A gorgeous sample exploring what you can apply to painted Bondaweb, glitter, artichoke seeds and gold foil slashes were added to create this wonderful 'firework' effect.


I hope you all saw some of the sunshine yesterday? Wasn't it GLORIOUS? It makes everything seem better somehow. The sun reminded me I will be off to teach in Spain in 3 weeks time - Oh it will be terrible!!! Warm sun, great food, beautiful surroundings and you will of course learn something too . . . ! We could do with a couple more bods on my course (Hot New Surfaces for Stitch - or not!) so if you are tempted but have been put off by the single hotel supplement - which I know a few of you have - Castanea will pay that for you. You will need to book by March 31st. info@castaneacraftcourses.com 

students taking a break in the afternoon in the shady part of the garden

Claire Muir was teaching there this week, I can't wait to catch up with her and see how it went, I think the weather was bit cold the first few days but got better as the week went on. The average day time temperature mid April should be around 20 degrees. Yeeha!!!!! There is a visit to the local market for inspiration, a trip to Murcia with tour (you get a chance to have a look at the amazing Cathedral), lots to see and do. The courses/holidays have been developed to give you the best chance to enjoy the area but also get some work done. 

Jane Sadgrove beader extraordinaire is teaching the same week as me so if you have any beading friends they could do her course while you do mine. One of the great things about these courses is that Jane Bolsover is a part of Castanea and is present at all workshops to make sure things run smoothly and can sort out any health issues, food allergies and generally help with anything that may occur. She is indeed Superwoman!

Superwoman washing up after providing us all with a wonderful lunch


I am now going to rush about getting ready for my biggest show of the year. Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch at the NEC starting Thursday this week - AARGGHH!!!!! I will post another blog about that tomorrow  . . . . . . 


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