E.Y.E.S - East Yorkshire Embroidery Society 12th & 13th March

Wow! What an amazing group. I was booked to deliver a lecture on the Saturday afternoon and a workshop on the Sunday in the local Darby & Joan Hall in Cottingham. The hall was packed on Saturday with a vibrant group of ladies of all ages. The lecture was well received and I was fascinated to see how the group was run. I am used to travelling around the country to Guilds and private groups and it is always interesting to see how things are organised - or not! This has got to be the most organised, friendly and possibly largest group I have encountered. 
The group was started in 1982 by a C and G embroidery group with some of the original member still attending  The group were about 30 strong and have grown to 136 members. The E.Y.E.S. group also have an 'Eyelets' group for 5-10 year olds and a 'Highlights' group for teenagers. It was an absolute joy to meet everyone.

some of the group working away in the workshop

The workshop was Hot Textiles and we had a larger group than I would have liked as I to try to keep to a maximum of 15 when working with heat tools. We ended up with 17 but everyone was very well behaved and we managed to get through the day unscathed. On the way up to Yorkshire I dropped into Craftynotions www.craftynotion.com to collect some of Sarahs new Colourful Thoughts paints. They are the BEST paints I have found for painting all my products and as I have to water them down most of the time they go a very long way. The paints are very metallic and this is not lost when the paints are watered down. We used the paints in the workshop and everyone was very impressed with the colours.

 Heavy Tyvek layered with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun
 more Tyvek layerd and zapped this time with gold lame 
Vilene Spunbond CS500 and 700 layered with polyester organza and backed with craft Vilene and then zapped
Vilene Spunbond CS700 & 800 backed with Bondaweb, cut with a soldering iron and then applied onto CS800
Vilene Spunbond CS500 backed with Bondaweb  and applied onto another layer of CS500
The 'glamorous assistants' who looked after us all day
as usual I managed to spread myself to fill most of the hall

The workshop went very well with the group producing some fabulous samples. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

On my way up to East Yorkshire I stayed with my good friends Sandra and Greg. Sandra always keeps an eye on my diary and offers to put me up when ever I am in the area. I am always very well looked after. While I was there I commented that is comes to something when you spend more time cleaning your teeth than you do applying your make up in the mornings as I now have use those little pipe cleaner things and it takes ages. Greg then told me about his new water pick. It squirts a high power jet of water into the gaps in your teeth (if you can control it) and marched me off to the bathroom to demonstrate. Now any of you who know me will know I love any kind of gadget so I was very willing to have a go. It was hysterical, there was water EVERYWHERE, I was laughing so hard I couldn't control this clever gadget and managed to soak both myself and Greg. I think I will get one though, it does seem very efficient if you can control it! Have any of you got one?



  1. ROFL no - but having to used those "pipecleaner things" too, will definitely check out the water gadget. Fab samples Kim. Hope to see you at NEC


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