Looking ahead . . .

Anyone who is self employed, particularly in my line of work knows we have to book our work quite far ahead. Whilst it can seem you are wishing your life away, it can also be good to have something exciting to look forward to. I have just signed the contracts for Fibrearts Ballarat Australia and the Creative Fibre Festival in Blenheim New Zealand in April/May 2012. I have also had confirmation for the Fibre Festival in Anchorage, Alaska for March 2012.

 my gorgeous girls at Fibrearts Ballarat April 2010
I am SO excited about going back to teach at Ballarat - watch out Donnie and Ruth - Yeehhaa!!!! This time I will be concentrating on 3D structures using all the Hot Textiles techniques. It should be great fun and by then we should have some new products to play with. What will make my happiness complete is that Mary Hettmansperger will also be teaching that week. We met this year when we taught together at Ballarat and Orange. She is FANTASTIC, it will be wonderful to see her again. Glenys Mann and her 'Golden Staph' will no doubt make sure we have the very best time. I made so many good friends in Australia in April, I hope I will be able see them all again in 2012.

 a display of some of the work we created April 2010
Melbourne is one place I want to explore further when I go back. It was such a whirlwind tour when I visited in April, I want spend at least a week exploring.

The Melbourne skyline taken from a ferry on the river Yarra

 Treasury Gardens Melbourne

Teaching in New Zealand will be a new adventure for me. I was quite surprised to be asked to teach at the Fibre Festival in Blenheim as it seems to be felt/wool based and as you know - I teach heat based techniques on mostly synthetic fabrics. Having gone through the 'do you know who I am'? conversation, I discovered the organisers did indeed know who I was was and wanted me to spread the gospel according to Hot Textiles which I am obviously very happy to do. So - more exploring . . . . . . . I believe they have glaciers in New Zealand, it's all going to be very exciting.

Speaking of glaciers, this cold snap of weather had made think about the clothes I will need to take to Anchorage. I know its 14 months early to think about what I am going pack but I have never been anywhere really cold before. I believe the average temperatures in March range from -10 degrees to 2 degrees. So it will be a bit chilly! I am hoping to see Orca whales, bears, moose, glaciers, mountains and maybe some students. I will be teaching at another Fibre Festival which is wool based and Yes! they do know who I am. So the beginning of 2012 is going to be very exciting.

stained glass fish by Jose Heasman hanging in my bathroom

Coming back to reality, our first open weekend (one2six) went very well. We have three more week ends to go and if the first is anything to go by we are going to be very busy. I'm off to buy some mulled wine spices and make a cake. I'm also considering buying some chains to chain my self to my computer next week as the December 10th deadline for the book is now looming large.

I hope you are all keeping warm.


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