Design, Interpretation and Inspiration at Art Van Go

 The students on the course are - 
Sharon Osborne, Anne Rowland, Pamla Tasker, Jennifer Sandler, Sue Dunkerley, Joan Hayes, Sandy Goff, Christine Hingley, Lynne Haywood, Bette Tasker, Lana Young.

The girls hard at work in the studio

Sticking down the 'flipping out' exercises

Here I am on the second day of a 4 day summer school Art Van Goand we are alll having a great time. The students are working hard and developing some excellent designs. We are working from my book Experimental Textiles specifically pages 20 - 27. Yesterday we worked on the journey exercise and the flipping out exercise.The students then took sections of their designs and we have started to manipulate them. 

The 'journeys' spread on the floor
A few examples of the 'flipping out' exercises
Jenny 1

Jenny 2


Sandy 1

Sandy 2

Time for lunch now - on with the transferring of designs into sketchbooks and the colouring in . . . 

Will keep you up to date as we go


  1. I just ordered your book Experimental Textiles from my library, and can't wait for it to get here. Your work seems amazing (on your blog) and it looks like there's so many techniques to try out! One thing--is Craft Vilene or Pemlet Vilene something that is carried in the US? I've never heard of either, would you know if it's called something different here in the US?

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your comment. The Craft and Pelmet Vilenes are British 'pet' names for various weights of sew in and iron on interfacings. Most of them are used in soft furnishings.
    They are firm, don't twist and take paints and dyes very well. I believe Vilene is called Pellon on the U.S

    This is what I found on their website-

    808 Craft Fuse ---Iron-On Backing adds strength and body

    809 D├ęcor Bond --- Firm Iron-On Backing with extra crispness

    I hope this helps? Let me know how you get on.
    Kim x


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