Hot Textiles at The Connaught Centre Hove

Here I am back at the Connaught Centre for the last time before it closes in September. I have worked there since 1996 and have made many good friends both with my colleagues and my students. It will be a sad end to a remarkable era of Adult Education.

I am teaching a 4 day Hot Textiles workshop with 13 students on the course, it's a great group of ladies - 6 of whom were on the design course here 2 weeks ago - see 'Back to the coalface', They must be suckers for punishment!!!!
The students are - Vonnie (2 trollies) Huguenet, Marilyn Donovan, Ann Davies, Dorothy Stevenson, Selma Eroglu, Teresa Surtees, Edwina Mlynowska, Sue Benn, Sue Walters, Liz Smith, Sarah Paterson, Caroline Eldefield and Liz Lundin.

Today was the second day of the workshop and so far we have attacked, Bondaweb - painted and otherwise, Hot Spots and Tyvek with all the attendant use of heat tools. Tomorrow we will be working with various weights of Lutradur and then layering some fab surfaces.

The group painting their Lutradur ready for tomorrow

Teresa - Painted Bondaweb with threads and dried flowers

Ann - Painted Bondaweb onto torn papers with machine stitch

Selma - Painted Bondaweb with strips of painted, distressed Tyvek

Sue Benn - Fab little Tyvek flowers

Caroline - this sample has been created by layering just about everything Caroline could find, it should look like a dogs breakfast but it looks absolouteley amazing - 

Vonnie (2 trollies) - layers of distressed poly organza ready to be stitched.

Don't watch this video if you are of a nervous disposition!

Most of my students will know I tend to encourage a little gentle exercise after luncheon. 
We have now now started doing the exercises to music!!!!! Poor Girls!
Many thanks to Vonnie '2 trollies' for the video clip.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they get up to tomorrow!


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