Friday, 7 April 2017

New Zealand 2017 - part the first . . A New Starting Point at One Tree Point.

 A scrummy sample before it is printed.

 Here I am, back in New Zealand. I do so love this place. I am teaching on the North Island this time. I have just spent several wonderful days in the Northlands. North of Auckland. I have been staying with lovely Kerry Glen at One Tree Point who organised a 3 day workshop with her local ladies. They are mostly quilters, but they managed to cope with my strange ways and my goodness me did they get on with some fabulous work. 
The workshop was A New Starting Point which is newspaper and Bondaweb/Vliesofix based.

 The workshop was held at One Tree Point yacht club. A perfect room for a workshop. Plenty of room and tables and lots of power sockets. Just wonderful. The view wasn't too bad either . . !!!

 The painted Bondaweb/Vliesofix drying on the deck.

 Starting to build a 'pretty'.

I call the process of building up the torn layers 'prettys and backgrounds'. Once you get the hang of it you get into a rhythm of working. All kinds of papers can be used for this, it is a great way to recycle paper. Painted Bondaweb/Vliesofix, holds it all together.

 Building up the layers.

We started with small samples, building up to larger one ready to print with printing blocks, you can use use your own or commercial blocks.

 There were so many beautiful samples, this is a very small selection.

 The layers start to build quite quickly and this process is a great one for learning which way is up!!

Once the larger samples were made we started to print - You see the difference the prints make on the 2 images below. I think it is best to print with a colour that is in the work, so it kind of bleeds in and out . . does that make sense?

 Before the print . .

After the print . . 

What do you think?

It was great fun watching the group get stuck into the paint . .

 Just a few of the fabulous prints - there were so many, I can't show them all.

 The yacht club deck was a great place to have lunch outside, a good place to the group to get to know a few of the people they didn't know.

 Such naughty girls standing on the bench to take photos of the displayed work.
They knew exactly what I was going to say when I caught them!!!

 Once the group had got to grips with all the processes, we got onto decorating book covers. We ironed directly onto hard backs . . .

 Just a very few of the books - I cant show them all or we would be here all week.

 We also decorated the iron on interfacing Decovil 1. It has a firm, leather like feel and is fab for making slip covers for books. As it is iron on, you can iron your papers directly onto the glue side. 

 Layered papers ironed onto Decovil 1 ready to be printed then made into a slip cover.

 2 of the Decovil 1 slip covers.

2 of the group decided to try making vessels/sculptures. That was fun. Working without a pattern, just playing with the Decovil to see what they could do with it.
 Aren't they fab???? Brilliant experiments.

As it was a 3 day workshop we had time to get on with a bit of stitch, again with colours that are in the work - so nothing jumps out at you, all the processes merge . . . a gentle build up of texture.

Just a few of the stitched samples - fantastic.

From beginning to end the workshop went well thanks to Kerry's organisation and a very enthusiastic group of gorgeous girls. It can be hard to join a workshop where you have no idea what you are going to produce. My thanks to the group for hanging on in there and believing in the process.

Eager discussions over the finished work.

I had a wonderful time staying with Kerry in her beautiful house that over looks the harbour at One Tree Point. I felt as though I was staying in a sanctuary . .  Bliss.

The evening view from Kerry's garden.

A New Starting Point will be my second online workshop to be launched at the end of May. If you are interested, do email me,, and ask to be put on the database. People on the database will be the first to hear about which workshops are being launched and when. They will also receive my new Sonas Studio newsletter.


I am now in Ngaruawahia, further south. The journey down wasn't too eventful considering the terrible weather, floods and landslips that have been happening. The tail end of cyclone Debbie has certainly wrecked havoc.

I am teaching 2 workshops here - a 2 day version of The Journey into Printing Blocks and then a 3 day version New Layered Surfaces for Stitch.

I hope to post about the first workshop on Monday (I have a rest day) I am trying not to fall behind with the blog. I will include where I am staying - a fabulous place that does B and B. So peaceful, out in the country, run by a great couple, such fun.


 Hello Jill - not long til July
Hello Diana - Am having the best time.
Hello Tod - I hope this helps baby. Love you. x

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  1. Ñow in bed at our B&B, can' wait for tomrrow.

  2. Some great images again and such a beautiful area to be working and playing in. xxx