Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Geelong Fibre Forum - September 27th - October 3rd. Part the first -

Layers of Tyvek layered with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun.

This has been a very whizzy week, this will be a brief post. The Fibre Forum with Tafta Inc at Geelong is a hysterical, amazing and wonderful event. There are so many people involved, we have had an amazing time so far - we have even got some work done. 
I am teaching a 5 version of Hot Textiles, this includes experimenting with painted Bondaweb/Vliesofix, Tyvek, Lutradur/CS800 and the heavier interfacings, S133 and Decovil 1 and Decovil 1 light.

Here are a range of corsages made from Tyvek. . .


This is how they start . .

. . . and how they finish, with a bit of TLC from an iron, baking parchment and a soldering iron.

And we layered 3 sheets of 75gm Tyvek with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped back with a gun to create some fabulous textures.

and we made beads . . .

And now we are working on vessels . . . 

These are my gorgeous girls - from the left, Cindy, Chrissy (hiding), Yvonne, Clare, Cathy, Jan, Marilyn, The Divine Helene, Ruby, Kim and in the front - Trisha.
Watch this space - MUCH more to come - have no idea when as I will be flying home on Saturday and driving up to Alexandra Palace for The Knitting Show next week . .  AArrghhh!!!!

If you come to the show and come to the Freudenberg Vilene Stand number TGR3 and hear a strange snoring noise - it will be me - asleep under the table . . . be gentle with me.

Until next time . . . 

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Love your work and ideas Kim. Really inspiring x Thanks

  2. A wonderful inspiring fun time..thanks Kim

  3. Especially love the corsages!

  4. What a great range of techniques those girls now have for their creativity. What an exhausting and exhilarating time you have had. Safe journey home.