Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hot Textiles at Art Van Go - September 8th and 9th

A smashing sample of decorated, painted Bondaweb.

I love teaching at Art Van Go, everyone is so well looked after. Even when the team are busy they find time for you.
My workshop was a 2 day version of Hot Textiles. My basic workshop for learning how to use heat tools and how to distress synthetic fabrics. 

It always amazes me how we start with an empty room, create mayhem, have lots of fun and then everything is tidied away at the end of the workshop and every one leaves. . . . and it's back to an empty room again. It's like magic!

The teaching studio/gallery.

The workshop was full with a waiting list which is always satisfying. 
First of all we painted up all the products which took most of the morning. We painted Bondaweb, Tyvek and Lutradur.

Painting the products and making notes.

Tyvek drying on the floor of the studio.

More painting.

Using Lumiere paints, scrummy.

Painted Bondaweb ironed onto black cotton - just fabulous.

The same Bondaweb decorated with transfer foils, grass seeds and gilding flake.

Lots of fabulous samples . .

Playing with Tyvek.

3 layers of Tyvek and polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun.

Cutting shapes with soldering irons.

Lutradur and polyester organza were ironed onto Bondaweb. Shapes are cut with a soldering iron and lifted off the Bondaweb's backing paper. The shapes are then ironed onto a background. 

More shapes cut with a soldering iron.

We then got out the heat guns to distress the Lutradur and polyester organza.

Fab, layered and distressed Lutradur.

I will be back at Art Van Go in December, there are few shows in between . .

Chocolates, great students and good friends - what more do you need?


I will try to get another post written before I leave for Aus, it is good to try to keep up with things . . . . 

More soon.


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