Sunday, 10 May 2015

Up coming courses - lots of colour and excitement!

Designs from Rachael Singleton's work book - ExTex 3. 
Prints from blocks made from sections taken from her 'journey'.

I am very much looking forward to getting back to work . . . 
Whilst it is good to have time to think and plan - I am missing my students and colleagues.

I have at least another 3 weeks recuperation ahead of me, and I aim to use it well. There is quite a lot of planning to do .The first session of  ExTex 4 (Experimental Textiles) will be starting on the weekend of  June 13th & 14th. It is amazing to think this will be the 4th group of students to enrol on the course which will finish March 2016. I love teaching the course - it is the best thing I do - the culmination of all I have learned through my teaching practice, mind you, you never stop learning.

 Part of the ExTex3 end of year work at the Excel show March 2015.

 Equally exciting is a new group starting - of ex ExTex students, we are calling it ExTeXra!!!! 
They will be meeting for 5 weekends between July and March 2016. It is my intention for this to be an exhibiting group, with me steering and mentoring and the girls making their own way, working more independently. 
Both ExTex 4 and ExTeXtra will meet at the IDC studios at The Old Needle Works in Redditch.
These studios have every we need and with it being in the middle of the country, access is reasonable from Scotland and the West Country where 2 of the students travel from.

It is especially exciting when a new, longer course starts. There is a special kind of energy . . . Every ones hopes and fears - all the wonderings . .  very special. Whoo hoo!!! I just LOVE it!  
If you want to see the course outline - have a look at the website -


Taking a section for the 'journey'.

But before all that excitement - I will be teaching my design course at Art Van Go on Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th of June. Creating Original Designs is my 2 day workshop where you paint a 'journey', play with black and white designs and then make printing blocks from your designs. This is the only time I will teaching this workshop this year. (In the Uk). There are still spaces left on the course, We have a great time and learn a huge amount. Creating your own designs and your own printing blocks help make your work different to everyone elses. 
If you fancy coming to play - here is the link - Workshops/Programme

A variety of images of printing blocks, prints and designs.

And sometimes we have time to stitch . . . . .

And sometimes we can sit outside in the garden - always a treat . . . 

And of course - there is the Art Van Go hospitality - we are always so looked after there, we do get some work done - I promise!!!!

You will leave the course with lots of ideas, many designs and several printing blocks - enough to keep you busy for a long time . . . . 
Why not come along and play? 

x x x

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