Friday, 4 July 2014

SALE of Vilene Spunbond/Lutradur!!! While stock lasts . . . !

 Various weights of Spunbond/Lutradur painted with very dilute acrylic paint.
When dry, the Spunbond/Lutradur was ironed onto Bondaweb (leaving the backing paper on the Bondaweb). Shapes were then cut out with a soldering iron, lifted off the backing paper and ironed onto a background of painted Spunbond/Lutradur.

I have been stocktaking this week for my end of year accounts and have realised there is no point hanging on to my supplies of the light and medium weight Spunbond/Lutradur till next March to sell at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show.
These weights have now been discontinued, which is a great shame. So -
For 2 weeks only - the prices will be reduced from
Light weight - CS500 - £5 - £3.50
Light weight crashed - £6 - £4
Medium weight CS700 - £7 - £4.50
This offer ends at midnight on the 18th July or until my stock runs out.
This is link to the Spunbond/Lutradur page.
Spunbond/Lutradur can been zapped with a heat and cut with a soldering iron. It can be coloured with all kinds of media - but is particularly successful with disperse dyes (transfer paints). Both weights are great for embellishing onto - and of course you can zap the results should you wish!
Because Spunbond/Lutradur is translucent - it makes a fabulous light shade.
 Do share this with your friends - once it's gone - it's gone . . . . 
One of the most popular ways to use this fabulous product is to use for applique . . . 

Painted Spunbond/Lutradur (CS700 medium weight) cut with a soldering iron and ironed onto painted Bondaweb.

  Various weights of Spunbond/Lutradur ironed onto Bondaweb and cut with a soldering iron. The shapes are then applied onto a background of CS700 - medium weight.

  CS700 painted with dilute acrylic paint, ironed onto Bondaweb and ironed onto a backgound of the finer CS500.

Applique with CS500 and 700 decorated with painted Bondaweb and transfer foil.
 CS700 painted and then ironed onto Bondaweb, the cut shapes were then ironed onto the lighter weight CS500. Silver transfer foil was then placed over the work and ironed - some of the edges have picked up the foil.

 Another way to use Spunbond/Lutradur is to zap it with a heat gun.
 Transfer printed CS700 that has been zapped with a heat gun and then layered.

 A combination of layers of CS500 and CS700, painted, cut with a soldering iron and also zapped - the edges of the zapped pieces have been foiled with transfer foil.

Zapped layers of CS700, foiled and then layered onto a background of the lighter weight CS500.

So you can see what fabulous effects you get with just two heat tools. You can also use this product as a base to lay your threads and fibres on when you use your embellishing machine. 

My last rolls won't last long - so don't hang about if you are tempted.

Have a great weekend

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