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The Jersey Textile Showcase - March 5th - 11th Part the first . . .

A fabulous print by Muriel.

I had forgotten just how beautiful Jersey is - and what weather we had - my goodness it was wonderful. Not that we saw an awful lot of the sun as we were tucked away teaching, but it does lift the soul.

The Jersey Textile Showcase has become a very large event with something like 40 workshops over the seven days. I met new tutors and several tutors I knew but hadn't spent much time with. www.theharbourgalleryjersey.com

 The view from my bedroom window.

The tutors all stayed in a B & B called The Harbour View and it certainly lived up to it's name. Lovely clean and modern rooms and a remarkable breakfast. If you ever need to find somewhere to stay on the island - I can't recommend this enough. www.harbourviewjersey.com

So - to the workshops.
My first one was Transforming Transfers. We had 20 in the group - luckily I had taken my heat press with me. We painted disperse dye (transfer paint) onto paper. Whilst it was drying we printed with pre dyed papers. The sort of paper you get in the form of paper bags and cheap flower wrap.

A few of the painted papers.

Disperse dyes (transfer paints) dye synthetic fabrics. They produce the most fantastic bright colours. And of course - as you are using synthetics - you can cut them with a soldering iron and zap them with a heat gun.

The students ironing off their painted papers.

Bondaweb was ironed onto the back of the one of the prints. Shapes were cut out with a soldering iron and the shapes were then ironed onto a transfer printed background. I like the effect of a coloured shape being applied to a similar coloured background. The way the shapes 'bleed' in and out of the work is very pleasing.

  Cutting out shapes with a soldering iron.

Cutting synthetic fabric with a soldering iron enables to cut a more intricate shape than you could with a pair of scissors.



The next day and the next workshop was 'A New Starting Point' - just the 15 students in this one. We had a great laugh - the group was particularly naughty - ably led by Denice.

We had a great time making up lovely newspaper and painted Bondaweb layers which we then printed onto. I had taken some of my printing blocks over for the group to play with. They are from a selection at Colouricious.

Here a few of the layered papers . . . . 

The papers were decorated with gilding flake, glitter, sequins and transfer foil .
and then printed onto . . . . 

One of the printed papers.


The evenings were a great opportunity to catch up with friends - old and new.
I have never had the chance to spend much time with Anne Kelly, she and Cas Holmes have some work in Reclaimed Textiles and collecting the work was first time I had met her - We got on very well had great fun at the various dinners we had to attend (such a hardship).

 The third member of our trio was Val Holmes. I have known of Val for many years, I have always used her books on embroidery as part of my teaching - it was wonderful to actually meet her, Val, Anne and I had such a good time together that we are going to come up with a course that we can 'team teach' together at the next Jersey Textile Showcase in 2016.

Val Holmes on the left and Anne Kelly on the right.

This is a link to Val's website - she lives, exhibits and runs workshops in France. textile-art-centre.com.fr

And this link is for Anne's website www.annekellytextiles.com and her latest post on her blog about the Textile Showcase annekellytextiles.blogspot.co.uk

 I will post more about the Showcase over the weekend - this is a busy week preparing for the show at the NEC. aarrgHHHH!!!

x x x

 Hello Jill - see you next week - with your group of 40 students!!!!
Hello Diana.


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