Wednesday, 15 January 2014

ExTex 2 - 8th weekend - January 11th & 12th

 Rachel's beautiful little felt pot - with stitch!!!

 Yes! I know it has been a while - I am struggling to keep up with everything at the moment - things should calm down a bit after next week. Paperwork and admin - aarrgHHH!!!

Last weekend was the eighth for my ExTex 2 group, just one more weekend to go then it is final show time. The last two weekends of the course are for catching up and working on the final projects or samples. As the course is not accredited we don't have to jump through hoops to tick boxes, this gives me more freedom to work with each student individually.

Rachel joined the course with no textiles or stitch experience and felt very much at a loss to start with. Her main hang up was the lack of knowledge about stitch - well just look at this . . . . .

 This is Rachel's little felt bowl from the constructed textiles weekend, and she has stitched into it - gorgeous hey!!! I think she has proved to herself that she can stitch - with little help from me I might add - just a book of embroidery stitches. I just love her interpretation.

This was her sample of felt making. . . . . 

  . . . stitched into . .

 Val had been dyeing over the Christmas break and is working a wall hanging
 Starting to lay out the fabrics for the background.

 Mary has constructed a bowl shaped loom to weave plain, natural fabrics and yarns and then dye them.

 The copper strips have been riveted together to create the base. A bit more weaving to do - it will no doubt be finished by the last weekend - Mary works very fast.

 Rachel sorting out her scrap book and folders - and then writing them up - Oh Yes!!! it's sooo good when it works.

 Kat had a catch up weekend and finished off her weaving samples.

 This is Barbara trying to convince herself that she has done ENOUGH hand stitch on this piece. She is not keen on it - she prefers machine stitch as it is faster. The things my girls do to please me.

 This is one of Barbara's samples showing off her dyed fabrics - decorated with machine stitch - of course!

 The girls working hard.

Those of you who have been on any course that includes working with Tyvek will know I like to try to disguise it's 'Tyvekness'. The girls had a play with Tyvek on the last session and Val brought in the samples she had worked on for her homework. There are five small samples here with details. I wanted to share these with you as they have worked so well.





 Fab aren't they?


On Friday morning I am off to Belfast to deliver a lecture and two workshops over the weekend for the Northern Ireland Embroiderers Guild.

I have not been to Northern Ireland before so am very much looking forward to it - I met some of the ladies who have booked onto my workshops at the Dublin Knitting and Stitching Show - it will be good to see them again, and all their fellow Guild members of course. Will post about this trip next week.


My stand at Craft4Crafters at Westpoint, Exeter at the end of the month has been extended - from six metres to ten metres - gulp!!! Luckily I have some of last years Experimental Textiles work to display so that should fill half the stand. I will be demonstrating on the other half of the stand and selling some product and also my jewellery. 


Hello Diana - 14 sleeps to go!
Hello Jill - 20 sleeps to go!
 . . .  and Richard - 7 sleeps to go . . . .


  1. Not long now, enjoy Ireland & Exeter, then its up North! xx

  2. Yeehaaa! Let the fun commence. x x x

  3. Beautiful work. The final session will be a sight to see!

  4. Fabulous work - what talented students you have! Off to follow you on BookFace! x

  5. Thank you - Bookface?? Must investigate. x