Saturday, 8 June 2013

On the Surface - Foredown Tower - part the first

 A riot of colour - very Bollywood - painted Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil, gilding flake and dot jewels.

It's great to back at Foredown Tower, particularly when the weather is fine, if a bit windy . . . . the tower is high up on The Downs.
We had the first day of a two day version of On the Surface - good fun was had by all. We have six students in the group and three are teachers on CPD (Continuous Professional Development). They were champing at the bit to get stuck in with all the glitter and sequins. All three teachers have big changes in their curriculum and they need some ideas for Art Textiles.

 We started by painting Bondaweb and Tyvek and then had a play with Hot Spots and transfer foils while we waited for the Bondaweb and Tyvek to dry.
 Painting Bondaweb.

There was a great atmosphere today and a good deal of joking and general fun. I prefer to teach in this way - if students are relaxed they will retain more information.

Here are two of today's samples - there are more, I will add them tomorrow.

 There are all kinds of decoration on these pieces, from artichoke seeds, to heavy net and scrim.

 The group playing with - everything.

There was some rather sensitive work developed on polyester organza
 Painted Bondaweb simply decorated with transfer foil and dot jewels. You don't need a lot of 'bling' all the time - 
Yes!!! I did just say that!!!

 Another lovely sample with silk fibres ironed onto the painted Bondaweb.

So lots of fun today and more to come tomorrow . . . .


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