Sunday, 2 September 2012

More newspaper at Art Van Go! 29th - 31st August - part the second

 Sue's heart shaped box - decorated newspaper ironed onto heavy pelmet Vilene plus/S133 which was then cut to a box shape by my Big Shot Pro die cutting machine.

We had a fabulous three days at Art Van Go The previous post shows the decorated papers and book covers that the group made and this one will show you some of the boxes and the faux chenille.

 Ruth used a block printed paper for the top layer of her faux chenille and only cut through certain areas of her piece.

 Debby layered her newspaper with polyester organza and then gave it a good 'rough up' to help the fibres of the organza come to the surface.

 Bea started to work into the channels with stitch.
 Mary added little metal charms.

 All the boxes were cut using Sissix 12" box template dies and my Big Shot Pro die cutting machine. The product used to make the boxes is Heavy pelmet Vilene plus/S133. This is a very firm iron-on interfacing.

 Two boxes by Debby - Heavy pelmet Vilene plus/S133 (iron-on interfacing) was colourwashed with procion dye powder and water. Once it was dry the interfacing was decorated with gilding flake and then cut to shape, sealed with acrylic wax and made up.
Mary's casket box was made using decorated newspaper and the Heavy pelmet Vilene plus/S133. The book cover was made by ironing the decorated newspaper onto Decovil light - one of the new iron-on interfacings.
 This casket shaped box made by Sue used layered maps and Bondaweb as the decoration.


Miriam created this beautiful layered composition with newspaper, painted Bondaweb, gilding flake and sequins. It was mounted onto a box canvas and sealed with acrylic wax. Miriam is from Switzerland so all her work needed to fit into her case. It was great to see her again. We first met in Brighton several years ago when she attended one of my summer schools. We got on well from the start and she has two pieces of work in my book Experimental Textiles.
 Debby, Sue, Oh God! I can't remember, sorry, Brenda
Mary and Ruth.

Kate and Miriam

Sharon, Bea, (quiet) Sue and Hannah.


I will be back at Art Van Go to teach a new three day workshop especially written for them. Several of my past students have expressed an interest in learning basic colour theory so I have written Colour Works! this workshop is on December 4th - 6th
If you don't know your Complementary's from your Analogous then this course will be for you. Learn the basic colour systems and better understand how to use colour in your work. By painting, printing, stitching and manipulating papers you will create colourful vessels, boxes or wall pieces. We will also have a lot of fun . . .

For those of you who couldn't get on to my Creating Original Designs workshop this year at Art Van Go - I will be teaching it again May 14th and 15th. This workshop is not on the Art Van Go website yet - but we have booked the dates.


I will be at the Creative Stitches show at Bluewater this week. 6th - 9th. I will be on stand D27, (unless they move me again!). There are a lot of new features in the show this year with Prima holding loads of free workshops. Have a look and see what is on - / 
If you do get there - come and say Hello! My friends Wendy Dolan and Jane Sadgrove will also have stands there so it should be fun!!!!!

Have a great week!



  1. Been trying out some of your ideas. Wish we were close enough to come to an actual workshop!

    viv in nz

  2. Hi Viv,
    It's good to know the blog helps . . . I will be teaching at the Wanaka Autumn School 2014 if that helps!!! x x x