Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nice try - but no coconut!

Newspaper layered with painted Bondaweb printed onto with a wooden printing block.

It is very easy to forget simple parts of a process - such as the fact you need pressure - albeit gentle, to print. My great printing session collapsed quite quickly when I realised I didn't have the strength to press down on the blocks. It didn't help that I had already ironed the papers onto the Heavy Pelmet Vilene Plus which meant they were also very stiff. You do need a more cushioned surface for sucessful prints.

It doen't really matter as I will be putting these samples through my die cutting machine to make the shapes for my jewellery but I did feel a fool . . . . .

This is just a brief post to show that I am still alive and getting slowly better although obviously not firing on all cylinders just yet!!!

   x x x


  1. Keep at it anyway..... might just make a mistake somewhere and find a brand new technique! :-)))

    It happens like that sometimes.

    x C

    1. . . it surely does my lovely. Will try cutting them up tomorrow. x x x

  2. Still looks blinking marvellous to me! Glad you are on the mend.

  3. Just the fact you've been carrying on when you're so poorly is brilliant Kim. Love the fish ones. What have you used to block print them? Looking forward to seeing the jewellery.

    Karen x

    1. Cheers Karen, have lost a couple of days but have the VERY strong painkillers now.
      I'm lovely and scabby now!

      The fish block is from the
      they have the amazing selection. x x x